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Why Should Beginners Invest in Portable Vape Mods?


Why Should Beginners Invest in Portable Vape Mods?


As the number of vaping enthusiasts gradually grows, so does the variety of tech-savvy vaping accessories. Unfortunately, the diverse vaping accessory market creates a dilemma for novice vapers regarding which accessories they should include in their vaping starter kits.

The portable vape mod comes highly recommended for newbie vapers. A portable vape mod is like a hybrid between a vape pen and a box vape mod. Despite coming at an extra cost, it is a worthwhile investment. Here is why you should invest in such a device:

1. Customizable Features

Portable vape mods have a host of customizable features that basic gadgets like vape pens do not have. These include temperature control, voltage control, and wattage control.

The customizable features allow you to toggle with your portable vape mod settings and create a unique, personalized vaping experience. Wattage control, voltage control, sub-ohm resistance, and temperature control features create more vapor and regulate the vapor temperature.

Note that most vape juices taste somewhat different at varying temperatures. By toggling with the vapor temperature, you can identify your sweet spot. You can also adjust vapor temperature to enhance the vape juice flavor. Whether you seek to be a cloud chaser or a flavor chaser, a portable vape mod will fulfill your desire.

On the flip side, the customizable features mentioned above require a bit of trial and error before you find your sweet spot. It may take you longer to master a vape mod than a vape pen, but it will be time well spent.

2. Regulate Throat Hit

Portable mods accommodate adjustable airflow; hence, you can control the throat hit. If you start vaping without ever having smoked before, a throat hit is not a sensation you can anticipate.

A throat hit is the feeling one gets when the vapor hits the back of your throat. It can be quite harsh, irritating, and unpleasant for a newbie. If you don’t want intense throat hits, you can adjust the airflow on your pod mod to reduce the effect.

For some newbies, especially ex-smokers, a throat hit is a welcome vaping experience. For such individuals, portable vape mods facilitate both mouth-to-lung (MTL) anddirect-to-lung (DTL) throat hits.

3. Portability

vape in hand

Image by user6866 from Pixabay

Vape mods are by any standard more powerful than vape pens. They have bigger batteries, more power, and outstanding temperature control.

However, all those bells and whistles make pod mods and vape box mods quite cumbersome to carry around. On the other hand, vape pens feature built-in batteries, are small and discrete. These features make them ideal for use in discrete spaces such as the workplace.

Portable vape mods have the portability of vape pens combined with standard vape mods’ positive features. So if you often need an impromptu vape session to keep the day moving, a portable mod will deliver quality on the road.

4. Durability

Vape mods are made of sturdy, durable material. They, therefore, last longer than other entry-level vaping accessories like vape pens. Most vape pens in the market are quite fragile and flimsy; hence break or damage rather easily. The last thing you need is your vaporizer failing when you are in dire need of vaping.

Portable vape modes can withstand the use and abuse that comes with being carried around daily. They can withstand a few dents. Durability is one reason why portable vape mods are costlier than vape pens. However, they deliver their value to the very last cent.

5. Replaceable Battery

Portable pods have replaceable batteries that are swipeable when damaged. Vape pens feature an integrated battery rather than a removable one. If an integrated battery is damaged, you must buy a new vape pen.

Even with the utmost care, vape pen batteries can only undergo several hundred charge cycles. This will force you to dispose of your device for a new one. Although the initial cost for a vape mod is relatively high, you get your money’s worth in the long run since you only have to replace the battery when it dies.

6. Replaceable Tank

Portable vape mods also feature replaceable tanks. You can swap your original vape mod tank with one that has a higher capacity. However, note that you can only replace your vape mod tank with a tank with similar connection threads.

You may not need a large-capacity tank vape mod now, but when you do, your vape mod will step up. So why not just invest in a vape mod?


Photo by Itay Kabalo on Unsplash

7. Battery Capacity Indicator

Vape mods often feature various bells and whistles, including battery capacity indicators to show you when your battery needs recharging. The vape mod indicators take the guesswork out of deciding when to recharge your battery. So, if you step out with a flat battery vape mod, it will be by choice.


Portable vape mods are a user-friendly accessory to use when initiating yourself into the vaping lifestyle. Their customizable features will offer plenty to enrich your vaping experience, including helping you discover your sweet spot. The portability element also allows you to enjoy an outstanding vaping experience anywhere.

If you were undecided on portable vape mods, now you know what you stand to get. Note that while the features above are standard for vape mods, different vape mod brands have an even wider array of features to offer. So use the above features as a roadmap to help you identify a portable vape mod worth the investment.

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