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Why I prefer yoga over gym workouts?

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Why I prefer yoga over gym workouts?


Exercise of any type, even walking, is beneficial for your body. But some exercises are better than others, especially if you have goals that go beyond losing fat and gaining some muscle.

Gym workouts are perfect if you want to get in shape and don’t mind a little bit of sweat. But that’s where the benefits end.

Working out in the gym only benefits your body. On the other hand, Yoga is a practice that changes your mindset, has therapeutic uses, and can be performed at any age. It can also be tailored for injuries.

That said, there are 5 arguments that convinced me yoga is superior to working in a gym, and here they are:

1. It Helped Me Improve My Blood Circulation and Digestive System

Many yoga poses help with your digestive system, including cat-cow pose and downward facing dog. While it’s true that cardiovascular exercises stimulates blood flow, Yoga can do so without putting as much strain on your body and challenging your heart.

This aspect is extremely important because some of us may experience heart disease at some point in our lives. We may also deal with injuries that prevent us from performing the same strenuous exercises that we used to.

Your digestive system is also stimulated by asanas that engage your core muscles. This is another reason why Yoga is perfect for so many people, especially those who don’t get enough fiber or have sedentary jobs.

2. It Helped Me Fight Stress and Find Direction

Yoga is not only about stretching. It’s a life philosophy that brings your body and mind together. As I learned to practice Yoga, I also learned how to control my negative thoughts and embrace who I am.

Sometimes using certain asanas while other times using breathing techniques, I learned how to tame my strong emotional responses to stress and accept life as it is.

After I started practicing Yoga, I also realized that I now have direction in my life. I began to understand myself and others better than I used to.I now have a strong moral code and I’m more willing to forgive myself and practice empathy towards others. If you want to read more about the many benefits yoga has to offer, check out this post on GotYoga.

3. It Isn’t Competitive

One of the things I dislike about gyms is the fact that once you step in there, you step into a competition where people are willing to sacrifice their health to look a certain way. They are willing to do anything from taking dangerous supplements to performing risky workouts.

On the yoga mat, I’m just with myself and my goal is different. Competitiveness is not cultivated in Yoga studios either. Everyone focuses on their own poses.

And since Yoga is not primarily used for adding more muscle or losing weight, you won’t be in the same room with people who are willing to sacrifice their health for their looks.

Instead, Yoga is all about better ourselves from the inside out.

4. Yoga Can Be Done Anywhere

Another reason I like Yoga is that you can do your poses anywhere.

I can practice Yoga whether I’m camping, in the park, or in my bedroom. I don’t have to pay for a gym membership or carry heavy equipment with me.

On top of all this, when I choose the location, it’s easier for me to enjoy my asanas. Many people stop working out just because it’s too hard or they hate going to the gym every day. But I’ve grown to love Yoga, and now those minutes I spend every day practicing aren’t a chore. They’re part of my relaxation time.

5. Yoga Can Be Done at Any Age

Yoga is gentler on the body, and it can be done at any age.

As I grow older, the last thing I want to do is to stop working out. But if I follow the conventional route, working out will lead only to pain.

On the other hand, asanas have therapeutic uses. Some poses prevent or even treat pain, and they can be performed by people who suffer from injuries.





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