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What You Should Do In Case Of Injury To A Parent?


What You Should Do In Case Of Injury To A Parent?


My parents joined a program for regular and healthy exercise. They ceased to spend their days lounging around the house or in bed. They were following a well-rounded program of strength, balance, and flexibility exercises.

One unfortunate day, an accident happened. Now, they’re in a care home with bedsores.

As our parents’ age, the chances of such injuries also rise. Sometimes as simple as tripping over something on the floor or missing a few steps while walking downstairs can start a cataclysmic chain of events in old age.

Here’s what you should do in case of an injury to your parent:

1. Enroll Your Parent in A Senior Wellness Program

A senior wellness program can be good to keep your parent active in a well-paced routine and slowly helps condition the body through swimming or water aerobics. Cycling can also be an activity beneficial to seniors.

A program of aerobic and fitness exercises can reduce general aches and pains and have a positive effect on a person’s general sense of well-being.

If they enjoy socializing with other people in their age group, they’ll also find it enjoyable.

2. Don’t Ignore Falls

Falls can happen to anyone at any time. Be it slipping over a wet floor, a missed step, or a flip-flop. Falls must be taken more seriously in the elderly, even if they have been engaging in a regular program of exercise.

If the injury was to the knee, it could be possible that the knee had been deteriorating for a while and yet your parents just ignored it. They didn’t want you to worry, so they never told you anything about it. Now with the fall, the problems can compound.

3. Seek Help From A Hospital or Rehabilitation Center

The recovery in case of a major injury may require few days in a hospital. A doctor may prescribe some therapy in a rehabilitation center.

The goal of a rehabilitation center is to get the patient ready to transition back into their normal lives. They’re required to undergo regular physical therapy. There are also excursions the patient can participate in as their treatment progresses.

4. Move Parent To A Nursing Home If Condition Worsens

If the patient’s condition worsens, it may be required to move them from the rehabilitation facility to a nursing home for more intensive care. Make sure you select a good nursing home with attentive staff.

Sometimes, we hear about cases of deaths due to negligence at inefficient nursing homes. In case, this happens to you then involve a lawyer who can handle these types of cases. The lawyer will investigate the steps taken (or not taken) at each stage of your parent’s illness to determine if it is a case of negligence. In the case of negligence, you should file a wrongful death suit.


There is nothing wrong with trying to stay active at any age. It benefits your physical and mental health. Accidents, however, do happen, no matter how meticulously we plan. If your parent should have to enter a nursing home sooner than planned, be diligent about monitoring their care during this time.

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