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Making Marijuana Meals? Learn What Happens When You Eat Cannabis


Making Marijuana Meals? Learn What Happens When You Eat Cannabis


CBD has been making headlines, Emerging as of one of the most searched products, Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has hit the market in several forms.

Everyone can be seen talking about it and its benefits towards helping individuals cope with a number of chronic medical issues. Hence, there is little chance that of you being unknown about it.

You may know about CBD products available in the form of joints, vapes, oil, or pills, but adding CBD infused Food Products to your diet is a whole new level.

Eating CBD infused food products gives a more potent and lasting effect (learn more about the ‘entourage effect’ at Online Dispensary Canada).

‘Entourage effect’ is caused by a group of other compounds extracted from the cannabis plant that work alongside CBD to support it and further its healing benefits. But the problem is that THC gives people high and CBD does not. Therefore, eating a combination of the two makes legality and possibly usability more difficult.

What Happens When You Eat Cannabis?

When you eat cannabis, it takes longer to take effect but your blood soaks it up differently and it can give off a more relaxing experience because it has to pass through your liver.

Any form of smoking goes straight to the brain which results in a quick acting high. When you eat marijuana, it forces your liver to start metabolizing it which makes it last longer.

So, even though it might take a little bit longer to take effect versus smoking it, it will give off more potent and long-lasting highs. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to get better at cooking for yourself. It’s a great hobby and has been proven to help psychologically for people who might be anxious.

When cooking cannabis, there’s something called decarboxylation which is essential when it comes to cooking with marijuana. It essentially means you’re cooking your food at about 215 to 225ºF for 45 minutes to one hour. Decarboxylation is the act of retracting (through cooking) the essential compound of marijuana that makes you high.

The CBD Entourage Effect plays a part in maximizing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, in either CBD or THC form alone.

Here are some food combinations with cannabis:


Cannabutter is a good place to start for people who are looking to expand their cannabis cooking repertoire. The cannabis-infused butter can be used as a substitute for regular butter and oils. You’ll have to start by melting regular butter into a pan (you can add a little bit of water to keep it from really burning). Add in your decarboxylated marijuana and let the entire mixture simmer for 2 to 3 hours. Once it has simmered, strain the butter into a bowl and place it into the fridge. You’ve now created a form of butter that is infused with marijuana and can be used in a slew of different recipes.

Weed Bacon

Okay, imagine fusing weed and bacon? They’re good by themselves, imagine at the same time? To make your own weed bacon, it’s quite simple. Sprinkle some of the decarboxylated weed onto each slice of bacon and bake for about ten minutes at 275ºF (or until your desires crispiness). Sprinkle the other side of the bacon and bake for another ten to fifteen minutes. Be sure to note that all that bacon fat oil is also full of cannabis goodness as well.

Cannabis Oil

Similar to the butter, cannabis oil can be a solid foundation for a variety of different recipes. Take an ounce of your ground and decarboxylated weed into two cups of any type of your favourite oil whether that’s vegetable, coconut, or peanut oil. The tricky part is you’re going to have to cook this for up to six hours without it boiling. So keep it on a low heat, like a two or three, and let it go while keeping an eye on it. Once done, strain out the ground weed with the oil and you’ve now created a substance that is rich in CBD and THC for any type of meal that you want to spice up with some magical bud.

Weed Brownies

You can’t mention cooking with marijuana without references to weed brownies. It’s a classic. Grab some of your already-made cannabis oil or butter and add in some eggs, flour, sugar, and cacao to your usual brownie recipe. Place the tasty mixture onto a baking sheet and bake this bad boy for 330ºF for about half an hour. Or longer depending on how gooey you like your brownies.

Weed Ice-cream

Sometimes non-frozen treats just don’t do the trick, especially in summer time. If you want a little bit of a marijuana-infused coldness, marijuana ice cream might be up your alley. It’s surprisingly easy to make and it might just make you scream for ice cream all over again like when you were a kid. Melt roughly 16 ounces of heavy cream into a pan and cook at a medium temperature. Melt in your already-made cannabutter and add in your desired amount of sugar. Mix your new mixture together and add in some of the go-to ice cream add-ons like fruits, some nuts, chocolate, or coconut. Toss your mixture into the freezer and let it chill overnight. The only problem here is that you can’t eat it right away and you have to plan ahead. If you know it’s going to be toasty in the next few days, you’ll look like a genius if you have the foresight to make a weed-infused treat before it gets too hot.

Cannabis Tea

Quite the opposite to ice cream, a hot tea is a nice thing to drink and wind down to. Especially if there’s weed involved. This recipe is pretty easy – make some of your favourite tea and then add in a teaspoon or two of your cannabutter. Don’t be shy to sweeten it with some sugar, maple syrup, or honey, and add a dash of milk to make it a real treat.

Weed Milk

Heat up a pan to a low or medium heat with your desired amount of milk in it. Add in some of the ground decarboxylated marijuana and heat for 45 minutes to an hour. Remove the mix after stirring it occasionally and let it sit for ten minutes. Strain the liquid from the floating dried up cannabis and then toss the rest of the milk into the fridge to let it cool. Once cooled, you’ll have a great option to add some CBD and THC infused milk into anything you want. Imagine what weed-infused milk inside some Froot Loops would be like?

Final Thoughts

You know that feeling of smoking weed and then eating something? Figure marijuana-infused food is exactly like that but while you’re eating it.

We recommend that you speak with a certified and registered health expert before trying any of the food combinations above.

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