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How Your Weight Training Is Spoiling Your Physique

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How Your Weight Training Is Spoiling Your Physique


cardio trainingShe was a regular at the gym – 6 days a week, half an hour of treadmill and half an hour of recumbent bike or elliptical. She was also very particular about her stretching routine. Gave up all fried and sugary foods. She followed a calorie restricted diet plan. She dropped her weight from 85 kg to 56 Kg in very less time.

Now that’s a reason to smile, but she ain’t smiling.

She dropped her body weight, but at same time became more deformed. She became skinny and lost all her curves. She used to have some shape earlier, now…none.

osteoporosisThere was also a drastic change in the glow of her face and her skin tone. Her eyes sunk with dark patches underneath. Her skin lost the firmness she once had and was sagging in an unsightly way. She looks at herself in mirror while dressing up, holds her dropped dead folds of skin and feels like cutting them off with scissors.

People who do not know that she is a cardio freak, now ask her if she had been sick. She now also suffers from osteoporosis. She drastically cut down on milk products (excellent source of calcium). She also did not supplement calcium and today her bones are more hollow/brittle than before.

Her immunity is at an all-time-low. Plus, she is always confused, irritated and forgetful. Her cognitive abilities have taken a hit. Some of her friends tell her that she was more beautiful and radiant earlier than she is now.

She is afraid that if she stops the routine or dieting now, her weight will rebound and she will become her fattest-self ever. She feels trapped and has lost all hope.

Why did this happen?

Though her intention was right, her approach went wrong.

Cardio has its own place in training the heart muscles. Doing it thrice a week, alternate days for 20-60 minutes each time is maximum that you need. Excessive cardio leads to muscle tissue loss. Restricting nutrition leads to deficiencies and diseases. That is exactly what she had been doing.

Let me share with you the fastest and most powerful way to lose fat and get in shape at the same time:


Whereas Cardio involves sub maximal muscle contractions and less range of motion, weight training involves powerful muscular contractions through a near full range of motion around joints. This involves more challenge (hence more fun than cardio) and leads to micro trauma of muscles.

It acts like a trigger for repair of muscle tissue and strengthening of connective tissues.BMR chart for an adult women

Post weight training, BMR rises considerably as rate of chemical reactions, blood circulation, protein synthesis and working of immune system is increased many times over. There are complex and long biochemical events going on inside body to fuel the muscle repair and hypertrophy. These metabolic processes feed on body’s fat for energy.

The fat stores in body are tapped in more when the body is in a state of high BMR which is usually achieved by weight training. Cardio raises BMR for 2-3 hours post session. Weight training raises BMR for 24-72 hours (depends upon intensity of training and extent of micro trauma).

Added advantage of Weight Training is that it also develops strength and speed in body. It strengthens your core.

The positive stress on skeleton through weight training, also leads to increased calcium uptake by bones, thereby, making them strong. Weight Training also makes us more functional in our day to day life.

When the muscles have hypertrophied, we get into an excellent shape.

To get into an inspiring physical frame, you have to eat a lot of nutritious stuff. Never starve yourself.

Starvation activates the prior conservation and switches on the fat storage mode in body. You might eat a lot less but still gain fat.

On an everyday basis, body needs a continuous supply of protein, fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals and water. You must never expect the body to be kept off these essential things and still function at its best.

So when does your body behave its best?

diet planBody behaves its best when we nourish it and not when we punish it.

Educate yourself about nutrition. Enroll in some classes and talk to experts. Get interested in knowing about constituents of your food. Look at food not in terms of taste and entertainment but nutrition and meditation.

As it is popularly said, eat your food like medicines else you would have to eat medicines like food.

A scientific nutrition plan with an effective workout schedule will not just transform your body but change your whole life too.

At anytime you can choose to become an ultimate version of yourself. It only takes small steps in right direction for BIG improvement.

You don’t live in huts, apartments or bungalows. In reality, you live in this body and you live in it for whole of your life.

How joyfully we live and how beautifully we experience this world around us depends upon how strong this body is and how well it functions.

I hope my post helps you to get motivated and educated to lay down the foundation for an ultimate physique that you dream to build one day.

Health, strength and shape to you. Amen!

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