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How To Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

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How To Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau


Not everyone achieves their health and weight loss goals, especially when they have a set timeframe for it. Though losing weight might come rapidly initially, it reaches a point when your weight doesn’t seem to budge. The inability to lose weight even after exercising for many months is known as weight loss plateau.

Several proven strategies could help you lose weight again. Let’s take a look at some of them below:


1. Try HIIT Exercise 

High-intensity interval training is any form of cardio training that involves short durations of intense exercise for between 15 seconds and one minute. After this, you need to lower the intensity for between one and two minutes to regain your energy level so that you can take on another burst.

Usually, HIIT sessions last for around thirty minutes. It is recommended for individuals who want to work on their cardio without losing lots of their lean muscle mass.

It is argued that you could also burn fat by doing steady-state cardio. However, steady-state cardio might not be useful if you are looking to maintain a lead body mass.

It is quite energy efficient to do HIIT exercise right after weight training. This is because you want to utilize your glycogen stores to lift heavier weights to enhance muscle growth. After all, you can still do intense cardio even with your glycogen stores depleted.

2. Micronutrient Tracking 

Losing weight is not an easy thing that happens overnight. The fact that you may get stuck at the same level for some time can be discouraging. Fortunately, you can do something about it and attain your weight and fitness goals.

With the help of micronutrient tracking, you can easily beat weight plateaus. Many apps are available to help with this, but you will need to stay focused and consistent once you get started.

You can move the scale in the required direction by ingesting the recommended amounts of calories. Note that your body needs calories to initiate metabolism, which then helps in losing weight. Therefore, you might beat your weight plateau by consuming zero calories daily. As you already know, working out is an excellent way of losing weight, but you won’t achieve much without a great program. Try to create a proper diet plan, and work on improving your lifestyle so that you beat weight plateau.

3. Use of Medications

Orlistat is a medication that can help in a weight plateau. It also works great for individuals struggling with obesity or overweight. This medication works by blocking enzymes that are responsible for fat digestion in your gut. Your body does not absorb the undigested fat in the gut. Instead, it is excreted with your stools. However, you should always seek advice from a certified medical professional to understand what’s good with your body.

Orlistat may be taken 3 times a day. However, if you are consuming a meal that does not contain fat, then you only need to take 1 tablet for the day. The same strategy should be applied when you miss a meal. This medication was licensed for the treatment of obesity in 2017 and is available in pharmacies without a prescription.

Wrap Up

Weight plateaus can be hard to deal with. It might make you want to give up on your health and fitness goals and gain weight again. However, it helps to know that the scale might not detect the progress your body is making, such as improvements in your body composition. At first, you should consider fat loss rather than overall losing weight.

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