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19 Soothing Ways To Ultimate Relaxation

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19 Soothing Ways To Ultimate Relaxation


There are hundreds of emails in your inbox, the mobile phone keeps ringing and your hectic lifestyle seems like a vicious circle, then dude, it’s high time that you relax for a while. With the tips, tricks and hacks that follow, you’ll be able to find ultimate relaxation and calmness amidst a continuous stresses of the rat race of life.So what are you waiting for?? Read on the 19 Soothing Ways To Ultimate Relaxation and unwind to recharge your energy and emotional levels:


Have a tea party

Simply going through the motions of making a cup of tea can reduce stress [1], added to this, each of’ the four main types of tea (oolong, black, green and white) have their own specific health-giving benefit.

Take it with you

If you’re on the move all the time, take a home sanctuary with you. Use a portable basket or case to carry around Your candles, oils, reading materials and music so you can create your relaxation area wherever you go.

Brew up some relaxation

Chamomile, sage, lemon balm and mint can all be used as relaxing infusions. Add two teaspoons of dried herbs to a cup of boiling water and let it brew for a few minutes.

Get some space

Try to ensure that everyone in the family has their own space which they can make their own. A bedroom is ideal, but it could also be a corner of a room, a chair or even a shelf if space is tight.

Retreat to the spare room

If you have a spare room, why not turn it into a sanctuary where you can retreat for a few hours to get away from it all. All you need is a CD player, some candles or incense and maybe even a DVD player, so you can chill out alone.

Big air

If you’re using candles to help you relax, make sure the room is well ventilated with fresh air circulating so the air doesn’t get stale or deprived of oxygen.

Get sidelights

Light your home to create a sense of comfort and intimacy and think about using different bulbs to provide different moods. Red can help warm up a cold-looking space, and blue can be extra soothing at bedtime.

Make it moody

Put on a favorite piece of music. It can be something that reminds you of a pleasant memory like a happy holiday or your first romance. Then sit back in a comfortable chair, dim the lights and just listen. The memories you associate with the music will help you relax. Music is also said to appeal to directly to the primal part of the brain to calm and soothe.

Be a guest in your own home

For one night a week, treat yourself like a guest in your own home and lift your spirits with small touches – buy yourself some flowers, change the sheets so they’re fresh and use luxurious towels, blankets and toiletries.

Do it room by room

If you live alone or with a person who shares your interest in relaxation, turn a small area of every room into a relaxation space with a shelf of art objects, floating flowers or some candles. Then you will be reminded of calm wherever you go.

The chimes of freedom

Gentle sounds, such as chimes, can aid relaxation and act as a reminder to make your life more peaceful. According to Feng Sui, wind chimes can counteract the negative affects of unnatural sounds, such as noise from cars and building works.

Be beautiful

Fill your home with those things that give you pleasure. Don’t worry about conforming to others’ perception of beauty; simply choose things that appeal to you.

Sing aloud

Singing not only helps you relax because it feels good, it also helps to regulate your breathing, which itself reduces stress. So next time you take a shower, let rip.

Nurture your friendships

Every couple of months have a night out with one or two of your closest friends. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just having a take-away meal at home is a  great way to spend some quality time.

Open a book

Reading is a great way to escape the stress of your day, because having the mind focused visually on the words makes it difficult to think of other things. Once a week, turn off the TV and make it a reading night.

Make that call

Make one evening a week your phone-a-friend night and really take time to talk to your friends. Sharing your worries and triumphs with friends is important.

Bathe away your stress

Treat yourself to a whole evening of pampering at home. Use a face pack or hair mask in your bath, wrap yourself  in warm towels afterwards, do your nails and hair and you’ll emerge feeling great .

Eat like a king

Treat yourself to a meal of’ your favorite food and make it special – set the table with your best cutlery and crockery, dim the lights and really enjoy it. Even if you’re on your own you’ll feel pampered.

An orange a day keeps stress away

Research shows that vitamin C helps combat anxiety and lower stress hormones[2]. Just one orange provides the RDA of 60 mg & makes a refreshing mid-morning snack. Choose whole oranges rather than juice as they are higher in fiber.

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