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6 Ways to Put a Feminine Spin on Sporty Style?


6 Ways to Put a Feminine Spin on Sporty Style?


Not all galls can rock an elegant and posh look, let alone if a girl has a sporty and riveting character. Don’t be fooled though, even a sweater-kind-of-a-girl can totally look straight from a runway with a few multi-purpose tips.

To bring a fancy twist to a timid sporty style, here are some of the most eligible and effective ways you can incorporate to revive your outlook.

1. Aim for a posh leather backpack

When it comes to altering or just reshaping your sporty style a bit, you don’t need to utterly rule out comfy tracksuits or jerseys. On the contrary, one of the best, and maybe the most masterful ways to put a lady-like touch is to wear a fancy leather backpack. Small fashion backpacks have become a staple icon in previous years and it’s due to their practicality and sophistication. Black or leather ones go with any sneakers, but be bold and splash out some colors or patterns.

2. Put some “bling” on

Wearing meticulously chosen jewelry has never let a girl down, no matter the style. Hence, if you strive to put a feminine spin onto your neutral look just wear jewelry. Nowadays you can find numerous sites to get exquisite jewelry, but for the best transition from sporty to fancy, you might want to visit Moon Magic for instance. Just take a look at what they offer and you will surely find a perfect combo of rings and earrings that elegantly and timidly blend into any mundane look.

3. Customize cropped sweatshirts

You want people to turn around, and not because you are walking sweaty from your gym session, no, but because you look drop-dead gorgeous. To achieve a striking feminine look, try wearing your favorite denim jeans, sexy pencil skirt, leggings, or sport lycra tights with a cut-off, or unevenly cropped sweatshirt. By exposing your ripped stomach you might get that long-awaited attention, and by putting a pair of funky sunglasses you will undoubtedly look top-class.

4. Opt for strategically feminine sports dress

Fancy looking like a celebrity while jogging? No problem, just get one (or two) long tight cotton sports dress. Whether you opt for high neckline ones or those that have an open back, they only need to be maybe knee-length and naturally follow your silhouette to make you look exotic. You can match up the look with a strappy or sports bra with your size and a pair of cool white shoes, leather sandals, or even flip-flops. Basically, there is no rule with this edgy dress choice as it can perfectly go with absolutely anything.

5. Let your leggings do the talking

Just as accessories are a must to a classical little black dress, so are the sensational leggings to sporty apparel. You can wear any plain-colored tops on your daily walk, but the only way to upscale your feminine look is to go for some pattern. Think floral prints, or unconventional neon looks with some stripes or other imprints, but keep the rest of the clothes plain and simple, and voila. Adding courageous prints and patterns will make people strive to steal your look.

6. The magic of sneakers

You will never make a mistake by choosing either single-colored or any other sorts as sneakers go with any look. From leather, rubber, or plastic ones to classical athletic, sneakers should be your most cherished piece of garment. Not only do they add comfort and protection when playing a sport, but they can look maximally fashionable and chic when wearing them on a daily basis. However, a practical piece of advice is to own a pair of white sneakers and maybe a pair of mixed ones (pattern and color-wise).

All things considered, putting a feminine spin on a sporty style in this modern-day and age has never been so easy. With the abundance of sporty vs feminine apparel choices, you can unmistakably blend the two styles and look smart at the same time.

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