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5 Proven Way to Get Bigger Butt for Women


5 Proven Way to Get Bigger Butt for Women


In today’s society, most women desire to have a bigger butt. Everybody believes a bigger butt makes a woman more attractive. While there are women that are naturally endowed with this hourglass figure, there are those that have to work very hard to achieve it. Generally speaking, when a woman doesn’t have a big butt, she doesn’t feel attractive enough, and thus there’s a high tendency of a loss of confidence.

If you find yourself in this category, there are various ways you can employ to create your desired figure. Let’s take a look at them.


Proper Diet

Generally, our diets impact a lot on how we look. One part of the body they greatly influence is the butt lift. The rich foods come with required nutrients activating the hormones responsible for building and strengthening the butt muscles. The foods you should give preference to include carbs, protein and fats.

Fat foods help in boosting the function of the testosterone, while the foods sourced from carbs boosts the body’s energy and thus allows for effective workouts. Proteins also help to energize and build the butt muscles. Consume these foods as frequent as possible all through the day. Avoid junk and oily foods.

Targeted Butt Exercises

According to article about how to get a bigger butt at Well Massive, for you to achieve a bigger butt, the butt muscles must be worked out to be firm and vigorous.  An effective way to make this happen is to workout on the butt muscles. There are numerous exercises out there that are perfect for this purpose; and they include squats and deadlifts. All of these exercises work specifically on the butt muscles and shape it up.


Another effective method known to achieve a bigger butt fast is butt enhancing supplements. These are supplements fortified with special and natural ingredients that enable the butt to grow faster. These ingredients work to build up the butt tissues and make them firmer. They also help to eliminate unwanted fat, and thus giving you the perfect shape you’ve been craving for. This is a recommended solution for women with genetically flat butt. These supplements can be taken alone or along with workout and proper diet for more effective and immediate result.

Go under the knife

There’s no doubt that butt workouts can be a lot hectic sometimes. Even, some supplements are not equally effective on everybody. In such a case, an alternative option will be to go under the knife. These surgeries come in a variety of options. There are those that can give you an overnight result or at most few days. There are also those that involve injections and may take time to produce your desired result. While this method might be the quickest way to get a bigger butt, they are also very expensive and involve some risks and side effects.

Visual Tricks

A temporary, yet effective way to get or show off bigger butts is with some visual tricks. This involve the use of fitted pants that feature a higher raise. These pants are designed to make your butts appear and high, covering the waistline fats and providing that perfect butt look. Even if your booty is small, these pants will provide the visual of a bigger one. Also available are underwears and thongs with butt pad. These help to provide a rising butt and a sexy look.

Final words

The butt or booty is known as one of the prominent and most pronounced part of women. Women with bigger butts have every tendency to feel good and confident about themselves. If you desire to have and achieve a bigger butt, you already know by now the various options available.

However, before making your choice, it is wise to weigh your options. If you desire a very fast result, your best bet will be a surgery; however, note that they are expensive, and not only that – they may come with side effects.

On the other hand, if what you seek is natural and budget-friendly methods, you may want to consider options like changing your diet, doing workouts and taking supplements. Above all, seek the assistance of a medical professional.

  1. Well, I’ve actually tried all these methods but I’ve not noticed much change. The diet won’t work, the workout only wore me out, the supplements looked like they were working but at a point, I thought otherwise. I think I’ll be going for the surgery now. I just hope this works too for me!

  2. Juliet Emmanuel

    December 24, 2017

    Helpful post. But going under the knife isn’t ideal. I’ve read of negative cases about this procedure. Natural remedy is the best and won’t cost you much. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. Jasmine Hewitt

    March 21, 2018

    Lol I have a medium butt… Not small but its def not big. And there’s nothing bad about my confidence. Do what makes you happy, nothing else.