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6 Ways To Change Up Your Exercise Routine


6 Ways To Change Up Your Exercise Routine


You don’t have to change your workout routine if you are satisfied with your exercises and are enjoying them. But if you encounter symptoms of losing motivation and getting bored, you might want to change things up.

Wearing the same type of workout clothes, going to the gym simultaneously, doing the same cardio and strength workout, and winding down the same way every time. If it sounds familiar, pay attention: It’s time to break the monotony.

Most of us have established a daily routine, from waking up, going to work, and eating. The purpose of exercising should be to break away from the routine—not merely go through the motions. If you want the best results, you need to switch up your fitness routine all the time. This may mean that you change your fitness schedule every day, every three days, or every three weeks.

Below are a few guidelines to assist you if you’re trying to alter your routine.

1. Focus On Various Muscle Groups 

Exercising the same muscles repeatedly will just be routine to your muscles because they’re accustomed to the same exercises without being challenged. When you practice the same muscles over and over again, you are missing plenty of potentials to develop the others.

Different exercises can be performed on other muscle groups. People neglect specific activities, which is why these muscles must be worked out in various ways to grow. You should switch exercises often. Most bodybuilders do not do the same workout twice.

2. Increase Intensity 

The intensity of your workout builds muscle, which is why it is essential to place this principle at the top of the list. Several of the techniques mentioned in this article can increase the intensity of your workout. Classic workouts include drop sets, supersets, negatives, and slow repetitions. Increased power can also be achieved through decreased rest times, circuit training, forced reps, and the like.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you rely on the same workout routine for a very long time. Hence, you might not even be aware that your intensity level has dropped slowly over time. Here’s a blog post on calisthenics which is a great way to increase the intensity, and it doesn’t even need any workout equipment.

You might try adding five pounds one day and doing ten reps, and the next day lowering the weight and doing 12 reps. The same is true for cardio changes. Try alternating between steady-state workouts, sprints, hill workouts, and speed workouts each week for the best results.

3. Try Doing Drop Sets 

Drop sets are an excellent technique to break down rugged plateaus if done correctly. When training with drop sets, you force more reps out by gradually lowering weight after the set. This causes more blood intake for the target muscle group, which causes more muscle cells to tear, leading to more significant growth after muscle tissues are repaired.

The drop set is relatively straightforward; do a set until you cannot do another rep, drop the weight, continue doing it again, drop the weight and repeat them. You can do three to six sets of drop sets. Perhaps one of the most popular ones is “down the rack” dumbbell bicep curls, in which you usually curl heavy dumbbells and gradually decrease the weight on each set.

4. Execute Super Sets 

Following an extensive compound exercise with isolated movements is a good way to promote muscle growth in a stubborn body part. You can also perform bench press-flat bench flies in the following manner. You perform bench presses, but conduct a strict set of dumbbells flies immediately after that. It’s okay not to use as much weight on the second set as long as muscle contraction is emphasized.

You can also try these excellent compound-isolation supersets:

  • Leg Extensions Followed by Squats
  • Bench Press Then Dumbbell Flys
  • Pull Up (or Pull-Down) With Wide Grips, Then Straight Arm Extensions
  • Barbell Curl Followed by the Chin-Up

5. Find A Workout Buddy 

Training with a friend can be more fun and challenging. A workout buddy may offer you some new types of training, exercises, and methods, thereby making it more enjoyable. You and your buddy can also check up on each other’s progress and can even become accountability partners.

6. Rest For A Week 

Before you continue on your fitness journey, a week off from training is sometimes the best thing for you. Bodybuilding isn’t like a marathon; you have to be flexible. During your training routines, you stress your entire body—not just the muscles. Rest and recovery are required every eight to 12 weeks from intense resistance training.

Final Word

Now, find the perfect gym and put some of these exercises into practice! When there are so many ways to diversify your workout routines, your body will thank you for it. You’ll witness the positive impact it will have on both your physical and mental health.

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