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Here’s How Unbalanced Chakras Mess With Your Health

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Here’s How Unbalanced Chakras Mess With Your Health

warning signs out of balance chakras

Little Fred was deeply engrossed in making a castle with his playing cards when wind came gushing only make his castle collapse. All the cards came rushing down one after the other and saw Freddy hurrying up to collect them.

The red and black cards, got unmanageably scattered everywhere. Some slid under the sofa set while some landed on coffee table. The boy kept running from here to there and was totally confused as to what’s happening with his inanimate cards.

He finally stopped and just sat on the floor in the middle of the room, giving in to the unruly air that went swish-swash through his untidy lot of hair. Just then, Mom came.

It took her no time to understand the what-when-how of the room & Fred, and she without any second thoughts, marched to the balcony door!

Shut – went the door and off went the air monster.

Our life story is pretty similar to that of Freddy’s.

All of us lead a simple life, taking it one day at a time, loving our people, fulfilling our duties, slogging day and night, being good to others and everything seems just fine. Till – one gush of air comes from nowhere, for no reason, has nothing to do with us, yet affects us the most; and everything goes haywire.

This gush of air, in our life, could be in any form ranging from an accident, an insult, a disease to thoughts, people or events. Its effect is materialized in the form of an imbalance of our Chakras which is reflected in our physical and emotional existence and gives us certain warning signs.

I have already shared everything about the Chakra concept. Today, I shall elaborate on signs that warn us when a particular Chakra loses balance.

Don’t worry!

As Chakra imbalance affects an individual, both physically and emotionally, the warning signs too are respective.

Root Chakra

Physical Signs Emotional Signs
High or low B.P. Feeling the need to satisfy only your own needs and desires
Constant tiredness Feeling of disconnection and inability to provide for basic needs (money, shelter & food)
Aching bones Insecurity in the physical world
Problems in:

  • Legs
  • Feet
  • Rectum
  • Tail Bone
Irrational fears
Malfunctioning of the immune system Financial problems
Arthritis, Knee Pain, Sciatica Lack of physical energy
Constipation, Diarrhea, UTI Relating security to money only

Spleen Chakra / Sacral Chakra

Physical Signs Emotional Signs
Irregular menstrual cycles Overly dominant relationships
Irritable bowel syndrome Lack of energy and zest for life
Joint stiffness, lower back pain Inability to overcome addictions
Pre-menstrual syndrome Inability to derive pleasure from intercourse
Endometriosis Fear of impotence and betrayal
Disturbances in reproductive functions Constant effort to become more seductive
Kidney dysfunctions Inability to open up in relationships

Solar Plexus Chakra

Physical Signs Emotional Signs
Chronic Fatigue Issues related to self-esteem
High B.P. Fear of rejection and criticism
Diabetes Low self-worth
Stomach ulcers, stomach pain and stomach anxiety Need for material security
Pancreas and gall bladder issues Increased pessimistic attitude
Gluten allergies Feeling powerless
Weird food cravings Feeling embarrassed in public, for no reason

Heart Chakra

Physical Signs Emotional Signs
Acne Inability to accept oneself
Upper back and shoulder problems Anger
Asthma, lung disease Jealousy
Heart disease Fear of loneliness
Issues with breasts Over-lovingness or inability to love
Issues with lymphatic system Inability to pursue a passion
Arm and wrist pain On a constant look out for rewards and praise
Varicose Veins Anxious to feel wanted in a relationship
Rashes Guarded and closed in terms of emotions

Throat Chakra

Physical Signs Emotional Signs
Thyroid Lack of will power
Sore throat Issues expressing yourself (verbal & written)
Laryngitis Fear of lack of power or choice
Ear infections Fear of silence
Neck and shoulder pain Fear of expressing oneself correctly
Swollen glands Settling easily with following others’ opinions
Mouth, teeth and gum disorders Quiet, reserved and ill-confident

Brow Chakra/Third Eye Chakra

Physical Signs Emotional Signs
Headache Inability to learn by example
Blurred vision Inability to face oneself
Sinus Extensive day-dreaming
Eye strain Living in own world of fantasies
Loss of hearing and ear problems Constant confusion state
Feeling of tension in the brow area Inability to see the underlying meaning
Ear problems Lack of commitment and confidence

Crown Chakra

Physical Signs Emotional Signs
Increased sensitivity to light and sound Depression
Dizziness Inability to learn
Depression Having an excess of thoughts
Migraine Fear of being left alone
Headache Inability to analyze
Lack of sleep Being constantly in a confused state
Mood swings Feeling disconnected and insignificant

You now know which Chakra to target when those acne pop up, the headache doesn’t leave you or when you feel angry, jealous or confused.

Go ahead, and make use of all the signs that you just read and fine tune your Chakras to emerge as a perfectly balanced individual. Here’s how you can do this – Balancing My Chakras.

Last Updated: July 2nd, 2014

Next Scheduled Update: Sept 2nd, 2014

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