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Different Types of Cannabis Seeds


Different Types of Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis seeds, aka marijuana seeds, are required to grow cannabis plants. However, there are different types of cannabis seeds available in the market such as

  • regular,
  • feminized,
  • and auto-flower

If you’re looking to become a cannabis grower, it’s essential that you learn about the different seed types. This will not only help you in selecting the best seeds for a good CBD harvest in your garden but also, will give you the confidence to buy cannabis seeds on your own.

Different types of Cannabis Seeds

1. Regular Seeds

When a male plant is crossed with a female plant, you get regular seeds. In these, the ratio of male-to-female plants is unknown until flowering starts and the plants reveal their sex.

It is the female plants that produce the desired flower. Regular seeds give growers the experience of a strain’s full genetic lineage.

2. Feminized Seeds

When a female plant produces male flowers, it is feminized seeds that are produced. By controlling the set times of the introduction of light during the dark hours of flowering, it is possible to produce male flowers with pollen. Even spraying the flower sites of a female plant with Colloidal Silver (CS), Silver Thiosulfate (STS) or Gibberellic Acid (GA3) can produce the desired effect by introducing a chemical change in the plant.

When it comes to producing fem seeds for marijuana cultivation, GA3 is the most popular way to produce feminized seeds yet the least effective one. STS is not an expensive or controlled substance, but it is usually difficult to acquire. Contrary to the 2 above, CS is the least expensive and most privacy-conscious way to produce fem seed.

Using pollens from “male” flowers to pollinate other female flowers, a “female” offspring is ensured. To make mother plants, feminized seeds are as good as regular seeds. With feminized seeds, the production is uniform even on a large scale production.

3. Auto-flower Seeds

Auto-flower seeds are best for beginners growing cannabis. It is because they automatically flower (as the name suggests). With these seeds, plants flower automatically when they reach a certain maturity (usually 10 weeks from seed) and are not governed by the daily light schedules.

Cannabis Ruderalis strains when crossed with modern-day strains, then it produces auto-flower strains. Unlike other strains, Cannabis Ruderalis doesn’t originate closer to the Equator but in the cold North and South poles, hence, are deprived of sunlight for extended periods. Therefore, these strains have very different lifespans compared to the strains that you find near the Equator.

Are all auto seeds female?

Auto-flower seeds produce all female plants. These seeds are often feminized as they grow into female plants, thus, planters don’t have to worry about pollination. Regular auto-flower seeds, on the contrary, can produce both male and female plants, hence, cannabis farmers avoid them if possible.

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