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Top 5 Aerobic Exercises For A Killer Cardio Workout


Top 5 Aerobic Exercises For A Killer Cardio Workout



If you wish to maintain or improve your fitness index, aerobics is a good option. On a rough basis, aerobics is basically a form of exercise aimed to facilitate the consumption of oxygen by muscles and tissues of the body. This would aid in normal working of different parts of the body, in addition to increasing the efficiency of processes like digestion, respiration, excretion etc.Types:Tennis, jogging, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, skipping, swimming or may it be formal aerobics classes, all fall under the category of type of aerobics.

But if you’re fond of trendy names, you’d definitely click a like on the following list of types of aerobics:


Low impact aerobics refer to the exercises that lay lesser impact on muscles. Low impact aerobics focuses on lower cardiovascular load for a prolonged period of time. Fittingly this technique is best for beginners, as it involves lesser injuries.
High impact aerobics on the other hand refers to stressing higher impact on the muscles. It pushes the heart closer to 80 to 85 percent of its maximum use. High impact aerobics stresses on higher cardiovascular loads for a shorter duration of time.
Merging the high and low aerobic exercises is what’s resulted as Hi-Lo Aerobics. Hi-Lo aerobics only lets you manage the low and high impact cardiovascular loads in one single session of aerobics.


Funk and Jazz aerobics is an endurance cardiovascular exercise on the basis of dance. It escalates fitness, coordinates movement, and also orientation in space. Funky mid tempo music creates a party atmosphere. Funky, jazz, hip-hop and also street dance styles forms a basic characteristic of Funk and Jazz aerobics. It is absolutely a fun filled and thrilling exercise. Do not wait for anybody, get going and commence your fun aerobic classes right away.


Hip Hop aerobics is a lively exercise that blends dance moves with strengthening exercises. It is exercise in disguise. You barely feel like exercising. It is more of dancing with hip-hop and peppy music. However, learning dance moves is not the motive of people opting for hip hop aerobics. Cardiovascular workout and toning of muscles in the abdominal region, arms and legs  is the ultimate motive of choosing this type of aerobics. Hip Hop aerobics involves aggressive dance moves that utilizes the entire body.


Step Aerobics is the same childhood play, where we used to challenge our siblings for maximum number of step ups and downs. For those who couldn’t get it, or may be recall, Step aerobics is the one which does not involve jumping and thumping and consuming space. Step aerobics require a platform to just step up and step down with your feet. The platform is so fixed, such that you can perform the exercise with full ease. You may as well alter the height of the platform, to incorporate high intensity workout with low impact. It involves cardiovascular workout of your body.


An amalgamation of dance and martial arts is what’s termed as aerobic kickboxing. It enhances endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Tones muscles and reveals your abs. Characterized by the high intensity intervals it offers, aerobic kickboxing exercises are coupled with great and high beats’ music. It bursts your monotony and keeps you off the boredom.

Aerobic exercise oblige the body in a great deal. Its benefits are given below as:

Inspired by the benefits, I can well anticipate that you’re ready with your aerobic exercise kit to make it a part of your routine. But here are some guidelines or precautions to be taken care of before you actually start off.

  • consult your doctor before embarking on any aerobic exercise program
  • Drink sufficient water before exercising and take small sips of water during your workout to prevent hydration
  • Avoid heavy meals before aerobic activity
  • Wear proper fitting shoes which should be specifically tight around your arch to diminish the chances of losing your natural foot arch
  • Listen to your body. Take rest and cool down if you feel fatigued during exercising
  • If exercising in indoor, you should have enough space to avoid any injury

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Follow the above precautions and admire the changes in your body by practicing aerobics. After all, aerobics is something less of exercising and more of fun.

Would you now add aerobics to your life ? Share your thoughts below 🙂

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