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Tips To Losing Weight While Staying At Home

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Tips To Losing Weight While Staying At Home


Staying at home during the pandemic doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. There are simple ways you can get back in shape while still being at home.

Nowadays there are so many ways that can help you get back in shape and feel good. You need to choose the one best suits your needs and physical attributes. Following common sense while making this choice is something most of us tend to forget. One simple rule of losing weight fast is to burn more calories than your daily intake. To achieve this you just need to get off your feet and move about, and of course, watch what you eat.

Don’t do anything extreme, just implement a few good habits into your daily routine. And remember to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your extra kilos shed off overnight. Here is a list of steps you can try to shed those extra kilos while staying at home.

Maintain A Balanced Diet

When you want to feel better by losing weight, nothing can be more important than having a balanced nutritious diet. So replace your normal carbs with more complex ones. Complex carbohydrates are high in fiber, making you feel more full even if you have smaller servings and your insulin levels will not get spiked. Brown rice and oats are a good choice here. Fat should be another essential part of your healthy diet. Just know that eating fat will not necessarily make you fat. Don’t forget to add proteins as well. Focus on cooking with coconut oil, ghee, or butter.

Have A Good Nights Sleep

With all the stress and hard work that you go through each day, you deserve a good night’s sleep to feel rested and energized. And you will be surprised to learn that your body is using energy for some functions even while you are sleeping, so calories are being used even when you are snoozing away. Give yourself that blissful slumber to burn calories and lose weight. To get the benefits of deep sleep you can try supplements that are available in the market. Check out reviews online to choose the right one.

Try Out Yoga In The Morning

After a good night’s sleep, you feel energized and rejuvenated. A bright sunny day will inspire you to make the best of it, and what better way than to indulge your body and mind in a relaxing yoga session early in the morning? Your digestive system gets warmed up and your metabolism is boosted with an early morning session of yoga. This works by metabolizing the carbs and fats in your body quickly and getting the nutrients moving.

Maintain A Proper Dietary Rythm

Skipping meals is a bad idea. For balanced nutrition, you need to eat 4 times throughout the day. The first one in the morning, then at midday, the next at 4 PM, and lastly at 8 PM., this will allow you to maintain a proper nutritional rhythm for your body. The key is to cut out on sugar and certain fat intakes and eating specific food at the above-mentioned intervals. Don’t gorge on one meal and starve the rest of the day, instead eat small amounts of food in these 4 different meals spreading it throughout the day.

If you are practicing weight training then taking a small protein bar just before you start your session will suffice. You can take water enriched with mineral salts or a recovery drink soon after to help you deal well with the exertion. You can create an advanced diet chart that suits your needs by consulting with a nutritionist.

Cut Back On Sugar Intake

One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to reduce the amount of sugar intake from your diet. Sugar contributes immensely to your weight gain and almost 90% of our food contains sugar. The cereal you have in the morning or the pasta you have for dinner all contains sugar in large quantities, and most of you are not even aware of this. You need to avoid consuming food that is high in sugar and the best way to start that is by checking the labels of your grocery store food for sugar content. If you can not avoid sugar totally, try to take it in its natural form. This is far better for your health than refined sugar.

Replace Your Regular Tea With Green Tea

Green tea is easily one of the healthiest drinks that you can get. Green tea contains a massive amount of antioxidants that actively helps to boost metabolism and also burns more fat. Green tea also contains far fewer calories. The best time to have green tea is right after breakfast or lunch as your metabolism is at its highest rate at this time. Green tea after breakfast and lunch is also good because it helps you to digest your food better.

Shift To Whey Proteins 

Whey proteins are best to keep you feeling fuller for longer because of being highly satiating. As a result of feeling fuller for long period, you will be able to avoid hunger pangs, ultimately cutting out the unhealthy snacks. As a result, you will end up losing fat and shedding extra weight. Eating foods made from whey enables you to get fewer calories from daily meals. You can easily maintain a balanced diet by choosing whey protein as it shifts your requirements for calories to a lean protein source from a high-fat, high-carb food. If you are someone who has daily heavy workouts then whey protein is highly recommended for you.

Drink Water Mixed With Lemon And Honey

Mix some lemon and honey in a cup of hot water and drink it every morning right after you wake up. This is an excellent method that does not require a lot of effort but does wonders for your weight management. A warm drink with lemon and honey increases metabolism. If you drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon on an empty stomach, it will do wonders for burning fat right at the start of your day.

Rounding Up

There are so many easy and simple ways for you to lose weight right at home. We have only discussed a few basic methods, there are lots of others. So make up your mind and jump right onto the fitness wagon beginning today and achieve the weight you have been targeting for months.

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