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The Unexpected Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Overall Well-Being

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The Unexpected Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Overall Well-Being


It’s much too common for the day in time we live in to ignore important aspects of our lives, such as our overall well-being. We tend to focus too much on how to get to the next place in our lives, how to gain status or material possessions or we simply tend to zoom in on whatever’s not working the way we’d like it to.

However all of this sooner or later takes its toll on our overall physical and mental well-being, leaving us feeling drained or unable to enjoy life. Having said this, it’s important to know there are a few techniques and tips you can implement in your day-to-day life in order to make a shift towards the better:

1. Monitor Your Thoughts

Perhaps the greatest source of both our happiness and our being distraught is represented by our thoughts. We’re not used to keeping a close tab on whatever it is we’re thinking, from one minute to the next, and more often than not sneaky thoughts creep in that eventually change our mental environment for the worse.

Make sure to monitor all your thoughts in order to be aware of what you can still keep and what you need to get rid of. Negative thoughts can stem from deeply seated beliefs about ourselves, past unpleasant experiences or negative opinions of us we’ve heard from other people. As long as you maintain a state of presence each day of your life, you’re less likely to allow mental clutter to pile up. Pause whenever you need to, take a deep breath, notice your thoughts and reroute yourself.

2. Change Your Sleep Habits

Sleep has a much deeper impact on our well-being than we admit to. Poor sleeping habits and poor sleep quality often lead to a decrease in our vital energy and with it, in a weakening of our power to create new things for ourselves, to take risks and to enjoy our days.

Having said this, every night before going to bed ensure that your sleeping environment is spacious and decluttered – it will pave the way for a more restful sleeping session. Change your linens with silk bed sheets and pillowcases to improve the entire sensorial sleeping experience. Practice gratitude every evening, so that your brain can finally enjoy downtime and relax properly.

3. Take Daily Risks

Without personal growth, people tend to ultimately feel disengaged with their own lives, whether they admit it or not. Not challenging our brains and assumptions leads to a path of stagnant complacency, the kind that kills our creativity and allows for nothing new to occur.

Make it a point to take small risks every single day. Whether it’s saying ‘no’ to something your heart’s not in or starting a conversation with a stranger in the bus, it’s all these small gestures that propel us further. Every time you allow yourself to try something new, your brain creates new pathways that it can go on in the future. Apart from this, it will feel incredibly rewarding and self-assuring.

4. Be Physically Active

Becoming physically active each day is beneficial to your well-being in more ways than one. Firstly, exercising enables your brain to go through certain chemical processes that help you positively change your mood. Secondly, becoming physically active enables you to raise your self-esteem. You get to set goals and achieve them, which turns into a tremendous boost in your self-esteem. You become more assured, you are more confident of your inner power and increasingly ready to take on other bigger challenges as well.

5. Connect With People

Getting outside of our comfort zone and our shells by connecting with people enables us to zoom out of whatever it was we were so strictly focusing on. Truly connecting with other people allows us to relax, get to know ourselves better and form deeply nourishing bonds.

Whether it’s picking up the phone to call highschool friends or simply engaging in a lengthier talk with the store clerk, these are all small gestures we can make in order to temporarily leave our worlds behind and reach out to other human beings.


These are all really simple changes you can make to your daily life and you’ll find the results may be absolutely unexpected. Take the time to implement these changes and you will soon notice a boost in your overall well-being.

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