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5 Tips To Building A Home Gym


5 Tips To Building A Home Gym


The convenience that comes with having a home gym is incredible.

  • No waiting times. You don’t have to wait for another person to finish their workout.
  • You can set convenient training schedules. Like whenever you find time during the day.

But the process of setting up a home gym is not that easy. That is why we decided to share our top 5 tips to help you build a kickass home gym hassle free.

1. Think about how much money you would need

If you want to build a good gym-one that will cater to your body needs then it is important to know how much it would cost. Start with various things that you need to buy, prioritize the equipment that you want to use at first.

If you have a small budget, go to sites such as eBay or Amazon to find the best prices and cheapest deals available online. You can also find numerous auctions and second-hand equipment that would save you half the listed amount on a new one.

2. Think about the location

The space you choose matters a lot. Some of the gym stuff occupies much more space than others so you might need a larger room to accommodate all the stuff if you don’t plan the space before investing in any fitness equipment.

If you love cardio and yoga, then you need more free space to work out. Since not all buildings are created to handle the load of heavy fitness equipment, so always go for a low ground room, like a basement, to setup your home gym. This also eliminates the worry regarding nose that the weights would create for the people underneath that room.

3. Create the right ambience

Most people love going to the gym because they will get their motivation from other people. Your gym should carry various motivators to push you to become better and create the hunger to exercise. Use your personality as a reference to the body goals you want to achieve.

Invest in good lighting, add some pictures maybe of people who are your gym idols, and be sure to have a decent music system in place that could bring life into the structure. If you also do not have the money to install a permanent system, you could bring in your home theatre when working out and take it back into your living room when done.

4. Buying equipment that would last longer

You have to consider buying the equipment that would last longer and is the best fit for your needs. Give priority to the fitness equipment that are essential to your body goals.

For instance, a person who wants to build his or her shoulders should invest in a rack first. Otherwise, it would be difficult to work on your shoulder muscles. It is equally important to purchase weights of different dimensions, because one grows only one starts working out consistently.

5. Customize the floors and walls

If your gym will house heavy dumbbells and other metals, then consider having a reasonable level. You will not evade dropping the weights once, or twice, within a session. In that instance, you may damage the floor, which is something you want to avoid.

Lay a full floor and add some carpets to cushion against friction and unnecessary toppling when training. A rug is also suitable when performing all kinds of exercises including cardio. You could also install a mirror wall as most people love to watch themselves as they train. It also helps to keep your form in check.


Instead of building the full gym all at once, work on gradually adding new machines as time goes by. This ensures that you invest in fitness machines when you need them.

You can always start your workout the no-equipment way too.

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