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3 Critical Things You Need To Start A Successful Business In Sports Therapy


3 Critical Things You Need To Start A Successful Business In Sports Therapy


According to the National Safety Council, more than 7.8 million exercise injuries led to visits to the ER in 2018.

Americans of all ages are taking to the track, court and field to stay active, but they don’t always know-how to keep themselves safe. Quality sports therapists are in high demand to keep people ready to tackle the trails and hit the gym smarter and harder.

If you are getting ready to launch your sports therapy business, there are a few steps you should take to ensure you are fully prepared to tackle this new challenge.


1. Find A Business Mentor

Whether you are business savvy or a true novice, now is the time to look for someone who can help you navigate your way through small business ownership in the sports therapy world. Maybe you’ve earned the degree, gotten the certifications and read all the blogs, but a mentor can help you learn what no book can teach you.

Think about who has inspired you: maybe it’s another sports therapist with more years of experience. Maybe it’s a fellow small business owner in a different field who can help you understand the local market. Either way, you might be surprised to find just how much this person can educate you when you’re on a roll and encourage you on your most challenging days.

2. Protect Your Investment

It’s no secret the fitness industry is growing in the U.S. – by at least 3 to 4 percent each year for the last decade, according to Forbes.

When you launch your sports therapy business, you want to set yourself up for success. And while quality equipment and capable employees are an excellent start, don’t forget to think ahead and plan for every possibility.

Accidents and emergencies happen everywhere, and even the smallest incident can set a small business back further than you could imagine. As a business owner, you’ll find peace of mind in setting up emergency protocols, cybersecurity and therapist insurance to protect your company and employees before you even open your doors for business. You might hope you never have to use these, but it’s not worth risking your entire business on that gamble.

3. Lead With Passion

When you launch your business, you want to secure your mission and vision statements. It might sound simple enough, but these are far more than a few sentences on a page. These words will define and direct your business and remind you why you started this sports therapy journey in the first place.

When you lead your business with passion, you instil in your patients and athletes the confidence to show up and work hard. Always celebrate on the good days, and on hard days, make sure your mantras are right in front of you, motivating you to keep going.

Sports therapists are critical to the health and well-being of amateur and professional athletes of all ages. When you set your small business up well with mentorship, insurance and a solid vision, your small business can better serve Americans in all stages of their sports therapy journeys.

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