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The Complete Venus Factor Review with Results Revealed


The Complete Venus Factor Review with Results Revealed

Have you wondered: Why even after eating virtually nothing, your scale is not budging? Why you are not able toVenus-Factor-Logo lose/gain weight? Worse, why you always lose those same 10-20 pounds, only to regain them later?Third is one serious question every woman needs answered. Desperately.

Well, I think I might be able to answer this now. After days of staring onto my laptop screen, and burning my eyes out, I finally have an answer. And no, I’m not gonna give you the shit about ecto-, endo-, and mesomorph body types. Because, that is just another way to pacify the hues and cries. It explains why a certain weight loss plan may not be working for you, but does not give a solution you have been seeking.

So, here in this review, I’ll tell you all that you need to know about losing fat.

Facts, every one has been keeping a secret till now.

  • Why bringing about body transformations are tougher for women than men?
  • What role does metabolism play in defining the kind of body we’ll have?
  • Why do we regain lost weight? How can one maintain it?
  • Can women be lean and sexy after weight loss, yet not appear “muscular” like men?
  • How do I know the kind of diet my body needs to have a womanly body?

First things first – Essentials of losing weightvenus factor lady

The first and foremost things women need to understand and digest, and assimilate, is that female bodies are made way different than men’s. Both in anatomy and physiology. You know that’s due to child bearing and nurturing demands.

This makes us blessed, but simultaneously makes us more prone to body fat too. And this is precisely the reason, why any workout or diet plan fruits faster in case of men, than they do in women.

Albert Einstein once said, “It’s insane to keep doing the same thing, and expect different results.” What he meant was, if you want different results, you need a different approach. A new perspective.

Venus Factor or VF, is exactly that “brand new perspective” you need to claim your womanly figure.

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What is Venus Factor?

It’s developed around the basic anatomy of a woman’s body, and how different hormonal states influence its metabolism. The program like other home fitness programs, advocates the importance of a lifestyle modification that includes both diet and workout. But, what makes it different from the crowd is how the diet is designed.

It takes a whole new approach towards weight loss, by working around a fat influencing hormone, Leptin. This hormone, along with our metabolic system decides, how much fat we will deposit or burn in our bodies. So far, only insulin’s role in metabolic processes was acknowledged. But now, leptin has changed the game.

The game changer – Leptin

There are a two things that will brief you about the background of this hormone:

  • Its blood level is controlled by the amount of fat one has in his/her body. The more fat you have, higher the leptin in your blood[1].
  • When you diet, your body begins to break fat down to keep energy levels up. This signals the brain of starvation, and leptin jumps right in.

If I were to explain it in one line, then, leptin is the hormone that aims to “maintain” fat deposits in our body. Are you getting the picture?

Irrespective of the amount of fat you have on your body, leptin works towards maintaining it, rather than fighting against it. Women, quite surprisingly possess this hormone in twice as much quantity as men[2]. And this explains why they face more problem when it comes to losing or gaining fat.

Also, leptin works in conjunction with brain. It triggers the “hunger” inducing part of the brain. But how much leptin will reach brain again depends on your BMI. Its an inverse relation here. The more BMI, the less leptin reaches brain, and the more hungry you feel.

So, how Venus factor helps?

Venus factor diet is designed to hack this wicked system of homeostasis (phenomenon of stabilizing present condition, and resisting any change). Homeostasis can be good too, you know. It keeps body cool through sweat when the weather is hot outside, and such similar things. So, it intervenes too when one is trying to lose fat

(Sorry Mr. Brain, but I really don’t appreciate your work towards maintaining my spilling love handles. I want to lose some).

With a unique diet plan, Nutrition expert and Researcher, John Barban helps women gain control over leptin, and make it work for their body, rather than against it. Here I must tell you, they do promote eating a little less than usual, because that’s how your energy-fat metabolism works. But, they do so with a scientific, workable plan.

Out of the many eating strategies he’ll offer you while on this plan, is one that includes is concept of having a cheat day. If that makes it sound negative, call it a reward day instead.

When you have been dieting the whole week, restricting yourself from all your favorite dishes, rewarding yourself every weekend, is something you deserve. Its a little success party. And guess what, it works wonders for your leptin levels too.

Why Reward day is essential?

When you were dieting, due to reduced caloric intake and shift in BMI, brain gets a signal of sort of ‘famine-like’ situation. By having a treat on weekends, you are assuring your brain, that all is well. As a result, the leptin levels go back to normal, you are successfully able to override your metabolism.

That’s how, you keep tricking your brain, and continue to lose all fat pockets one by one. From undesirable places of course!

So, you have lost weight by any means or any program. What is happening in your body now?

  • Since your body fat percentage is low, your blood leptin levels are low too.
  • This means, brain is getting a lot of hunger signals, so you feel hungry all the time or have crazy cravings.
  • Thanks to you weight loss routine, your basal metabolic rate (BMR) has dropped significantly, so your system is spending less energy and conserving more.

Bit by bit, your metabolic system goes back to square one, and you regain all the lost pounds[3].

Does VF help “after” I have lost weight through it?

All through the 12 weeks, while you’ll be on this program, you’ll be learning how to override your metabolism. And by the time you are done with it, your body has naturally got accustomed to that shape. So, now your normal, resting stage is that which you have achieved after 12 weeks of patience.

All bodies have different needs. How can a standardized program know what are my body’s specific needs?

The designer of this program, after much research on different body types and shapes, has zeroed in on a concept he calls “Venus index or venus ratio.” This is calculated on the basis of three independent ratios:

  • Height to weight,
  • Waist to hip, and
  • Waist to shoulder ratio.

So, you see, its clearly made for targeted action on giving you the best possible feminine shape. And, since every woman has different measurements, they offer different approaches.

Its more like having a personal trainer for four months at the price of one-time meal.

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What does the plan include?venus factor kit

I really feel this nutritional advice regarding the hormones was sufficient to lose all that extra flab, but, VF exceeds your expectations. It also has a workout designed for you, to firm your curves and tone your body. So, this is what you’ll get:

  1. Guide: After reading this guide you’ll be aware of everything you need to know healthy eating, such as food to avoid, how to replace bad ones, how to keep a check on leptin levels, etc.
  2. 12 – Week Workout Program: This includes videos of exercises which will teach you how to break your exercises in a weekly schedule by making you understand what and how much workout you actually need.
  3. The Virtual Nutritionist: This is an exciting part. Its a software actually which will tell you the exact amount of calories you are consuming, the amount of protein your body needs and the suggested recommendations depends on your type of body. All you need to do is plug in some basic numbers and measurements.
  4. Community Forum: A weight loss or reshaping journey does not need be a solitary ride. With this supportive community forum, you can easily interact with other members of the Venus Factor and share your experiences and stories.
  5. 143 videos of coaching lessons
  6. Venus Index Podcast

Who is it for?

This is a very important question. Especially, because it is really not for those women who want a quick fat loss from body breaking moves. It is specifically designed for those who want to lose more than 10 pounds, but without exerting too much physically. If you want your weight loss to be au naturale, then go for this program!

Pros and Cons


  • Individualistic, customized approach towards weight loss (read: flab loss) through body ratios, and in sync with female hormonal alterations.
  • Targeted and extremely supportive online community. 24X7 customer service.
  • Easy to follow workout and diet plan.
  • Its not about losing weight, but about achieving the feminine figure. No muscle. Pure curves, soft yet firm.
  • Eat-whatever-you-want‘ approach. No calorie counting or scales necessary.
  • No equipment needed except for dumbbell (easily replaceable with water bottle).
  • No ‘post weight-loss‘ food cravings and weight gain.


  • It is not a quick fad diet. So, will definitely test and demand commitment from your end.
  • The product is in digital format, so no physical DVDs or book.
  • Not for men, at all.
  • Some women might prefer a more structured diet plan.

There is no point in saying anything more than this about this incredible approach towards weight loss. To appreciate the program, you need to use it and witness the results yourself. No woman has ever felt the need to use it, but they do offer a money back guarantee, if you do not achieve the desired results.

And did I tell you, they do have a trial offer for just one-tenth of the actual price?!

Are you ready to bid farewell to your fat, once and for all?

Try Venus Factor for Just $37


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