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The Top 5 Supplements To Be Aware Of As An Athlete

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The Top 5 Supplements To Be Aware Of As An Athlete


Sports supplements

Over the years there has been widespread controversy on the use of supplements by athletes with WADA documenting some of the supplements as banned substances. Some of these substances are banned from athletes because they give unwarranted competitive edge which results into false representation.

On the flip side, some supplements are suitable for use by athletes and are legalized by the regulatory bodies, and they can considerably enhance performance in a legitimate manner. An athlete should, therefore, be adequately informed of the available supplements and draw the thin line between the usable and unusable.

Following is an enumeration of the top 5 supplements to be aware of as an athlete.

  1. Ecdysterone and Leucine

Oral anabolic steroids and branched chain amino acid mixture, is vital in muscle power and strength, often the desire of any athlete. It triggers rapid muscle growth and is suitable for pre-competition preparations. It is safe for consumption preferably with food, two tablets twice a day, and no side effects have been reported.

  1. Creatinine

This is a bodybuilding supplement crucial in aiding achievement of lean body mass besides building strong muscles that are vital in athletics. The market product is creatine monohydrate which enhances performance and strength, especially in athletes. Some of the verified benefits of creatine monohydrate include; increase in muscle creatinine levels and generally improved performance. On the downside, creatine monohydrate has a potential of causing weight gain predisposing to conditions such as obesity.

  1. Vitamin complex

Vitamin complexes make an excellent supplement source for athletes as well as non-athletes. Vitamins are key in numerous body functions and the general wellbeing. Crucial components of vitamin complex include vitamins C, A, E, D, and K. vitamins generally keep the body healthy allowing athletes to work out optimally and achieve muscle growth and physical fitness to perform. A good multivitamin should contain essential minerals as well.

  1. Taurine

A compound of amino sulphonic acid found indigenously in the body especially the brain, retina, heart, and platelets. It sometimes referred to as conditional amino acid because it is synthesized in the body, but supplementation is critical for maximal functionality. Some people have taken Taurine supplements to treat or modify conditions such as high blood pressure and hepatitis. For athletes, taurine act on the muscles increasing ability to contract and produce force.

Furthermore, the supplement is shown to remove waste products responsible for fatigue due to muscle burn. It is administered as a 500-2000mg per day dose. The therapeutic index is, and the supplement is generally well tolerated with no reported side effects.

  1. Testosterone booster

Free testosterone is useful both in the bedroom and the gym. The testosterone booster is an oral anabolic steroid and consist of different components mostly amino acids which act in tandem to help in enhancing the testosterone level of the users through various mechanisms. Increased testosterone levels are vital for muscle growth and strength.

Are dietary supplements for enhancing performance always bad for athletes? This is not often the case, well, some supplements have been crucial in improving fitness in athletes without necessarily using the dubious illegal tricks.


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