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Surya Namaskar : Steps, Poses and Benefits

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Surya Namaskar : Steps, Poses and Benefits


Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations is the most widely known sequence in Yoga for it uses a special technique of Sun vitalization. With its unique set of 12 poses, it gives you a full body stretch while massaging your internal organs. A great cardio workout for every yogi.

The Basics

Who can do it : Every beginner and advanced yogi

Who should not do it : Pregnant women, people with chronic backache and other skeletal problems

When to do it : Early morning, empty stomach

Difficulty level : Moderate

Requisites : A yoga mat, a rising sun and of course, You! (you can also use mantras in background for mental relaxation)
Face the rising sun and hold each pose for 3-5 seconds.

The Sequence

Posture 1 (Exhale) : The Prayer Position

1-prayer position

  • Stand erect
  • Fold your hands in namaste pose, close to your chest
  • As you chant ‘Om Suryadevaya Namah‘, exhale
  • Gaze : Eyes closed, concentrate on the space between the eyebrows (third eye)
  • Benefit : Prepares you for the following poses

Posture 2 (Inhale) : The Upward Tree Pose

2-mountain pose

  • Keeping hands together raise your arms up and inhale
  • Bend backwards to form an arch for a flexible spine
  • Gaze : At the sky
  • Other variations of Upward Tree pose
  • Benefit : Flexible and relaxed spine

Posture 3 (Exhale) : Intense Forward Bending Pose

3-intense forward bending pose

  • Gradually bring your hands down while exhaling
  • Try to touch the floor with hands on either side of the body
  • Bending the knees slightly is okay
  • Keep your head as close to your knees as possible
  • This is different from Half Forward bend pose
  • Gaze : Concentrate on the third eye
  • Benefit : Relieves gastric disorders

Posture 4 (Inhale) : The Low Lunge Pose

4-low lunge pose

  • Lowering your hips stretch your left leg back and balance it on your toes
  • Let your right leg be bent while you raise your face up to the sky
  • To practice it separately, read: Lunge pose
  • Gaze : At the sky
  • Benefit : Strengthens limbs, stretches back and hamstring muscles

Posture 5 (Retain) : The Downward Dog Pose

5-inclined plank pose

  • While holding breath, stretch your right leg back parallel to the left
  • In this pose, your hip should be raised high with straight knees
  • Lower your head
  • To practice it separately, read: Downward Dog pose
  • Gaze : On the ground
  • Benefit : Toning of hips and back

Posture 6 (Exhale) : The Earth Prayer Pose

6-earth prayer pose

  • Very gradually lower your hips near to the floor and exhale
  • At this point your knees should be brushing the floor slightly but not the hips and your arms will be bent perpendicular to the ground
  • Touch the floor with your forehead and chest and concentrate on your third eye
  • Benefit : Strengthening of arm muscles and opening of chest

Posture 7 (Inhale) : The Cobra Pose

7-cobra pose

  • Lift your chest upwards as you draw an arch in air with your head while breathing in
  • In this position, your arms will be straight, back arched, head facing the sky and knees and toes touching the ground
  • To practice it separately, read: Cobra pose
  • Gaze : At the sky
  • Benefit : Clears respiratory channels, strengthens back and arms

Posture 8 (Exhale) : The Downward Dog Pose

8-downward dog pose

  • Raise your hips and lower your chest slowly while exhaling
  • Your knees and arms must be straight with weight on palms and feet
  • Gaze : On the navel
  • Benefit : Stretches legs and provides relief from kidney problems
  • Other Variations of Downward Dog pose

Posture 9 (Inhale) : The Low Lunge Pose

9-low lunge pose

  • Follow steps of Posture 4 with left knee crouching and right leg stretched back

Posture 10 (Exhale) : Intense Forward Bending Pose

10-intense forward bending pose

  • Repeat steps of Posture 3

Posture 11 (Inhale) : The Mountain Pose

11-mountain pose

  • Bend backwards as you did in Posture 2

Posture 12 (Exhale) : The Prayer Position

12-prayer position

  • Bring yourself to Posture 1 in the prayer position

This way you complete one full cycle of Surya Namaskar.

You can repeat this 5-20 times as per your stamina.

After each cycle, follow up the sequence by Savasana (Corpse Pose) or Balasana (Child’s pose) for relaxation.

Checkout the video from India’s renowned yoga coach – Sapna regarding Surya Namaskar and its Variations.

If you liked this video, you can also subscribe to here youtube channel.

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