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Spirit Of Christmas & The Scrooge In Us


Spirit Of Christmas & The Scrooge In Us



Spirit of Christmas – Every time I listen to these three words, I find myself instantly reminiscing my 9th grade when I first read, Charles Dickens‘ famous story, “A Christmas Carol“. For the term ‘spirit’ reminds me of the three spirits/ghosts of Christmas that visited the cunning Ebenezer Scrooge.

Although, at that time I believed it was fear of dying a death like Marley, his partner, that motivated Scrooge to change. But now I realize, it was more the fear of losing out on things while he lived, things that actually mattered in the end. Things like, love, family, brotherhood, benevolence. Things that are Christmas.

Lets, look back at the story and envisage over, ‘Are we Scrooge-ing our lives somewhere?’

The first ghost, ghost of his past, takes Scrooge back to the time when he was an apprentice under a jolly man and got engaged to a beautiful woman, Belle. But, she eventually left him because of his lust for money. And, because he did not provide him with the love, she so deserved.

Scrooge cried listening to the fading sound of her steps, as he realized how much he missed sharing his heart with her. He realized how bitter his life had become, bereft after his sweetheart left him.

The lesson to be assimilated is of appreciation.

“Nothing lasts forever, so, appreciate what you have, and while you have.”

Your career, your bank balance are like a ball of rubber. If it mistakenly falls out, it’ll soon bounce back. But, family is like a ball made of glass. Once fallen off, its shattered forever. So, hold them close, hug them tight and let them know, how happy you are to call them yours.

The second phantom, takes Scrooge on ride to see how the freezing city is warming up to Christmas. He takes him to his clerk, Cratchit’s home and makes him see, how they are toasting a miniature feast for without a raise, this is all they could afford. The humility and courage of Tim melted his heart, and he pleads the phantom to let him stay and watch.

Finally, as the ghost vanishes, Scrooge notices two starved children, Ignorance and Want, living under his coat.

What the man learnt here, and what we can learn too, is the importance of staying content. We know the government is not working as we wish it should. May be you didn’t get a raise this year. May be what you planned boomeranged all the way to you.

Don’t ignore what you have, to want what you don’t.

Its Christmas! And Christmas is celebrated amid all disorder. It serves as a reminder of descent of a heavenly star on earth. So, get in your fur coats and fuzzy boots, make snow fairies, laugh at each others’ funny Christmas sweater and debate who deserves the last piece of cake.

Coming back to the story, this time, the old man finds himself gazing at an unnamed grave with the ghost of Christmas yet-to-come. There are traders discussing the dead man’s riches and an old couple thanking God for death of their unforgiving creditor. Surprised, he asks to know the name of the dead and finds his spirit pointing towards the grave. That brings him to a realization, he died a disgraced death people were chirping about, rather than mourn.

Out of desperation, he implores the ghost to alter his fate, and finds himself tucked in his bed. He seeks out his window to find its still Christmas, and decides to make up for his avaricious actions. He then, sends the biggest turkey to his only well wisher, his clerk, Cratchit, tips the delivery lad, enjoys snow and plans to visit his nephew. And pledges to savor the spirit for the rest of his life.

That’s what true spirit of Christmas means. Forgiveness. Generosity. Redemption. Coming together. Warming up. And above all, to be human.

Don’t wait now.

Remember: You don’t live to work. You work to live. 

Call up your buddies or send them a hand written Christmas note. Drive home and thank your parents who kept Santa alive and round for you. Take some candies and gifts. Play Santa for those who live beneath you. Its Christmas for every one.

And lastly, let go off the past. The reason Scrooge despised Christmas is, because it was Christmas when his sweetheart left him. And he regretted letting her go. So, forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made. Free your soul off the burden. Stop searching yourself in past.

You are here in present and today is Christmas. Leave a legacy others can remember for ages.

Before being a man of success, be a man of value.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Calvin and Hobbes celebrate the Spirit of Christmas

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