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How A Sleep Expert Tricked Us All


How A Sleep Expert Tricked Us All


If you have read my recent article on sleeping postures, you’d understand how they might affect your health based on existing health conditions.sleeping in foetal position

For instance, postures like the freefall can comfort you if you are a snorer, whereas pregnant women will find relief in the fetal position.

While experts have unanimously agreed on sleeping posture’s health effects, there has been a rising curiosity about sleeping position and personality type.

Apparently, much like hand writing experts and graphoanalysts, who claim to discover your personality traits through your writing style, researchers say that sleeping in a particular position, too, can depict your personality type, something like this picture above.

how a sleep expert tricked us all

A Single Research: Proof enough?

Dr. Chris Idzikowski, sleep specialist and author of Learn to Sleep Well from London, claims from his research  on around 1000 British subjects that different sleep positions indicate unique personality traits. For instance, he tells if you sleep like a soldier, you are most likely to be quiet and reserved by nature, while a starfish tends to be social and great listener.

According to his research, only 5% tend to change their sleeping positions and we are more likely to stick to one sleeping posture for life.

Having said all that, I almost believed it , until I stumbled upon some other research which confirmed my doubts.

Pyschiatrist and Professor Philip Gehrman, expressed doubts on Dr. Idzikowski’s conclusions and said that a simple research cannot be sufficient enough proof to outline distinct personalities to one’s sleeping posture.

Of course, how can it be so simple after all?  You cannot tie one person to a personality type just like that. This professor seemed to know exactly what I was thinking.

Reasons that say otherwise:

While I don’t intend to outright challenge his research, my concern is based on the wholesome conclusion of the study. Let me tell why I choose to believe otherwise.

multiple personality1. Dr. Stuart Quan, Professor of Harvard medical School adds to what Professor Gehrman believes. He says, it is just a matter of comfort which makes us pick a particular posture and it may vary from person to person.

I agree, because, a person sleeps in a position which relaxes his muscles and supports his body, it doesn’t have anything to do with one’s personality.

Another professor named Jim Horne, from Loughborough University, remarks that an average person changes his position many times during sleep depending on how stressed or relaxed he is.

However, if we go by what Idzikowski’s research concludes, we’d all end up with multiple personalities!

2. If you have noticed, the position we pick, also depends on the kind of surface we are sleeping on rather than personality type.

For instance, a firm mattress will influence one to sleep in an entirely position rather than a soft mattress.freefall position A softer mattress gives more cushioning helping us ease into one position and sticking to it for a while.

3. Also, lying still in one position hurts. I mean, there is this log sleep position as well. But how many people actually sleep in that posture in the first place? Even doctors do not advise it.

Though this doesn’t need any certification from an expert, but have it if you like.

Steven Park, MD, and Professor at New York Medical College insists that we should keep changing sides so that we do not block blood circulation. Narrow minded or not, sleeping like the one in that picture can block our airways for sure.

4.Moreover, laying still like a zombie is not my idea of a baby sleep. Your body parts ache due to constant pressure against the bed which is why we change positions in our sleeping comfortably

5.When Idzikowski performed the same experiment on a  group of Southeast Asians, the results did not match with the former one. So, how can one possible rely on his findings?

I believe sleeping right is all about finding the posture which gives you baby-like sleep.

Linking one’s posture to a particular personality seems really intriguing and absolute to me. According to me, its a silly myth with no conclusive proof.

And if my reasons have assured you, then leave out your worries what your personality might be, when you jump into your bed tonight. Your personality is reflective of how you chose to act and behave, it can’t be labelled by your changing sleep postures.

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