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7 Moves Every Skateboarder Should Know


7 Moves Every Skateboarder Should Know


Loved by all Americans, skate boarding ranks 6th as the most popular sport in the world in terms of participation. In fact, so popular that because of the high rate of injuries, Norway had to ban the sport in the 1980s. When that happened, skateboarders used to rush into the forest to skate.


The fact that it is exciting, challenging and fun, springs much attention. They say, “As long as you have a heart, just do it!”

For me, skate boarding is a treat to my eyes, because of the tricky flips and style that the sport flaunts. However, if you are a skateboarder, you’d know those seemingly effortless tricks actually need a lot of work on your body strength and balance.

7 moves skateboarder should know

So, if you are up for a contest, or wish to master its skills, then paying a little attention to level up your body will work on your favor.

In order to make the skateboard your friend so that you can show off your moves, you need to be flexible, balanced and strong. So, I’ll tell you few basic exercises, after which you can go boom!

Enhance flexibility

Flexibility is the first thing you should aim for if you want to skate smoothly on your skateboard. Stretching and warming up before skateboarding can help your legs loosen up before you get on your boards.

Performing exercises like the Hamstring stretch and the Quadriceps stretch will stretch your calf muscles, upper and lower thigh muscles. Also, they reduce knee pain and help you move efficiently.

TrampolineJump onto a trampoline: Trampoline is an exercise which can be better than jogging or running on the treadmill. If you wish to perform aerial tricks on your board, its one of the best choice for you.

Though its fun, its not a child’s play if you are jumping into one for the first time. So, the right way to begin would be to try yourself on a mini trampoline first.

For starters, stand on your feet 6 inches apart. Simply bounce up and down for about 20-30 times. This will improve your body balance. Plus, an easy way to burn calories.

Also, add some bounce to your stretches by stretching your hands and legs while in the air. It helps you gain strength and better control over your body weight.

Build up strength

Skateboarding engages the strength of your legs all the time, whether for balance or for flips and jumps. Strengthening your calf muscles will enable you to balance yourself on the board, while allowing to pop harder.

Calf Raise: Stand straight and take the support of a study chair. Place your feet shoulder width apart. calf raise Now slowly raise your heels until you are on your toes. Balance your weight on the foot heels. Hold on to the position for around 15-30 seconds and then slowly lower yourself.

To add variation and intensity, you can do the same by standing on either leg. To challenge yourself further, hold light weight in your hand. Take support of the chair for balance. Seated Calf Raise is another variation of the same.

If you are a gym goer, include Seated  Machine Leg extension to add more strength and stamina to your legs.

Body weight squat: Skateboarders perform a lot of upward and sliding movements which engages our quadriceps and hamstrings constantly. Body weight squats essentially target your quadriceps and your hamstrings. It strengthens your knees and tones up your lower body.

Train your core

Balance is the key to stand straight on the skateboard on even and uneven surfaces, to be able to maneuver it and perform tricks on it. For that, you need to have a strong core.

Crunch: They target your abdominal and oblique muscles and strengthen and tone them up.  If you can perform 15-20 reps successfully, you can add variation by trying Reverse crunch and Swiss ball crunch.

bicycle kick

Bicycle kick:  One of the best abs exercise, it especially targets your lower abs, by keeping your legs off the ground. Just lie on your back and extend your legs and keep your hands behind your head.

Now pull your left knee towards your chest while turning  bringing the right shoulder toward the left knee so that it touches your elbow. Return to the initial position and repeat the same with the other elbow and knee.

Bicycle kick is a cooler alternative to standard leg raises. Perform the kicks in a uniform and controlled manner to get the best results.

Skateboarding is an art and a way to express yourself. The best part about this sport is that you don’t need any playground to skate.

skate in campus

Be it the busy streets, the sidewalks or the park benches, you can zoom in anywhere with your skateboard.

However, as this sport is prone to injuries, performing these exercises will ensure that you make minimum falls and don’t miss your tricks.

Skateboarding is such a popular sport that students save money and travel on their skateboard to the college campus. You can skate your way to the workplace too, if you get held up in traffic.

So, equip yourself better and learn the tricks, so that you never lose the fun. After all, what else are you skating for?

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Last Updated: August 14th, 2014

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