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Shooting Off The Body Transformation Canon Today

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Shooting Off The Body Transformation Canon Today


workoutWhen you approach your workouts and diet in a scientifically planned manner, nothing can stop your body from transforming. Body Transformation might be fast or it might be a little slow, but it will happen, for sure.

Body Transformation starts from within the body and then it reflects outside.


As soon as you provide yourself with correct nutrition, more than 100 trillion cells of your body begin to move towards health right away. The effect of food on body is mighty, and is almost immediate.

Notice how a beer gives you a kick within the next 15 minutes?!

It stresses your liver, increases alcohol in blood, affects the brain, overworks the kidneys and also causes dehydration/headache later.

Having a protein shake also gives your insides a kick within 15 minutes!

It gives you an immunity boost, supplying all amino acids (basic building blocks that make skin, organs, muscles, enzymes, hair, nails, hormones and almost everything present in the body), that your system starts using right away to build you up from inside and enhances your strength later.

Over time, the correct nutrition and exercise brings your system to an excellent level of functioning and conditioning.

  1. good nutritionLipid profile gets better – HDL goes up and LDL comes down. This saves from clogged blood vessels and heart attacks.
  2. Heart rate slows, which is good – Increasing efficiency of heart to supply more blood in same time, technically called increase in stroke volume, is a sign of a strengthened heart.
  3. Bone density increases – Thus, saving from deadly demon called Osteoporosis that sometimes causes life threatening bone fractures.
  4. Joints and connective tissues become stronger – Implying less stress on the joints, less frequent joint pains and reduced chances of disc displacements/disabilities.
  5. Proper blood pressure and sugar levels maintained – Lowers the risk of Hypertension and Diabetes, the two biggest killers of current times.
  6. Endocrine system works optimally – This ensures a timely and appropriate release of hormones, thus, keeping issues like PCOD/PCOS, Hypothyroid, Diabetes, etc. at bay.
  7. Brain power gets boosted – Brain functioning becomes sharper and smarter. Omega 3 is the major constituent of myelin sheath (like a rubber coating on nude electric wires) in neurons (Brain cells). A scientific diet aims to provide right quantity and quality of the elements that make this coating, thus, helping neurons communicate better with less confusion (Think of confusion like a short-circuit in brain).
  8. Immunity gets an upward thrust – The number of cancer cells, bad bacteria, viruses and deadly fungi are kept in check by our strong immunity. Hence, a balanced nutrition saves us from life threatening diseases and disorders.
  9. Rate of ageing and its effects depreciate – The effects of ageing are minimized and, to some extent, reversed. Building up our immunity and by strengthening the Antioxidant defense system of body through intake of right vitamins, minerals and exercise, counteracts the damaging effect of free radicals and keeps us young and strong naturally.
  10. Every atom inside the body gears up to perform and behave in an ultimate way, allowing you to have an incredibly powerful and joyous experience of life.

OUTSIDE the body


You get into an amazing shape. You become dynamic, flexible and fast.

How you look, changes. It changes the way world looks at you and what it thinks of you. Not just the body but your face too, reflects fitness and strength.

You become attractive after your body transformation and start looking graceful.

You are respected and loved. Your relationships improve. You turn into a positive cheerful human being whose radiance lights up the world in its own way and makes it that much richer.

In short, you are truly living a life you were born to live.

We are here in this world to become strong and beautiful with each passing day, to have an ultimate joyous experience of life and live it out till the very end in an incredibly inspiring way.

May you live that way and may you live long. Amen!

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