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4 Sensational Ways To Massage Yourself

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4 Sensational Ways To Massage Yourself


4 Sensational Ways To Massage Yourself

Tediousness is one freaky friend of ours who would make sure to follow us up at the end of each day – be it a brainstorming and productive day at workplace or a boozing weekend with friends. Self Massage is the solution easiest to be recalled to get off the the tiredness of your body. If these body massages are as easy to access anywhere on-the-go as they are while sitting back at home, then nothing like that. But then, not everyone is as generous and tender as our mothers are and rarely would anyone bestow us with a hand or two to relieve our body aches. So endorse the ‘help yourself’ attitude and read on to be unveiled with the 4 sensational ways to massage your body and get rid off the dull aches and weariness.

1. Get it off your chest

In order to reduce tension across the front of the chest area, and to free up your breathing and loosen stress in your neck, place the four fingers of your right hand on the left side of your chest, underneath the clavicle bone. Move the fingers in circular motions, working outward towards the shoulder joint in deeper strokes. Repeat on the other side. Breathe in and out slowly as you massage.

2. Head off tension

To reduce tension in the scalp, spread out the fingers and thumbs of both hands and place them on either side of your head with the thumbs towards the back of the neck. Work in quail circular motions, and then, after a few seconds, move the hands so they cover a different area.

3. Stick your neck out

To reduce neck tension[1], move the four fingers of your right hand in circular motions over the top of your left shoulder turning your head to the right to stretch the muscles and ligaments at the front of the neck. Repeat on the other side.

4. Draw tension from your jaw

To relieve tension in your jaw and the sides of your face, place the four fingers of your left hand together on the jaw so the index finger fits into the bony area in front of the earlobe using small circular motions, work lightly, being careful not to press too hard.

If massaging rejuvenates your body[2], then a trip to Yoga Exercises also reflects all the positive benefits for your body and makes you fit as a fiddle. Click on the link and and experience the awesome yoga poses.


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