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Remeron Mirtazapine – Your Best Antidepressant

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Remeron Mirtazapine – Your Best Antidepressant


More or less, all antidepressants work on a similar principle: their role is to regulate the level of serotonin hormones in our brain. This hormone represents a neurotransmitter responsible for the transfer of nerve impulses through the body. If any imbalance occurs, this will affect our psychological state. Chronically reduced serotonin production leads to depression at the beginning, it is a “lighter” form; however, if neglected it, this mental illness can escalate to serious proportions.

Each antidepressant differs in terms of its efficacy, and side effects can vary from person to person. Most people with depression can successfully treat their condition with one or more antidepressants. These medications shouldn’t be used before you consult your doctor, or even worse, to take drugs at your own risk. Depression is a serious condition, and you should get professional help to deal with it.

What is Remeron?

Representatives of a newer generation of antidepressants direct their effects on neurotransmitters which are produced in the brain. That’s why their effect is improved; interactions and possible issues in combination with other drugs, used for treating depression and other mental disorders have been reduced. Remeron is one of this, and it became one of the most prescribed and most efficient drugs on the global level.

The original name of this medicine is Mirtazapine, based on the substance that prevails in it. Remeron is a relatively new drug which, besides psychical disorders, can also be used to treat insomnia, since it also has mild sedative properties.

Remeron is characterized as one of the mild antidepressants, so it is never prescribed individually, but mainly in combination with another, stronger medicine. However, in the case when it is used to treat insomnia, or another sleep disorder, it’s sufficient a lot of patients have declared that after using Remeron, they slept like babies, and that they didn’t have any problem with wakening or sudden fatigue during the day.

How does Remeron work?

Remeron has a strong anxiolytic effect during the day which reduces the appearance of fears, tension, and anxiety that can happen in everyday functioning. In addition, it possesses antidepressant and mild hypnotic features. The person using Mirtazapine is calm and stable; the aggression runs and negative thoughts are reduced.

This condition occurs very soon after beginning the Remeron therapy; in the best cases, after seven days patients start to feel improvement. Because of this, there are reasonable doubts that effects of this medicine are short-lived. Therefore, therapies with Mirtazapine or any other similar antidepressant are mainly prescribed for a period of several months or years, with regular controls and dosage adaptation.

Mirtazapine works for 20 to 40 hours, so some starter therapy should include one 20mg pill per day, or even a half of dose. According to further behavior, if everything goes well, the dosage should be even more reduced. But if it happens that doctor must boost your therapy, don’t be afraid. It has been proven that Remeron or any of its substances cause addiction.

Side effects

It should be noted that the substances used in antidepressants can affect the effectiveness of drugs used in the treatment of heart, liver and kidney disease. These can’t be changed even with a new generation of medicines.

Simply, the chemical compositions of these drugs don’t match. For this reason, if you use any of the above-mentioned therapies, be sure to notify your psychiatrist before he prescribes you any treatment. The specialist will know how best to adjust the doses, without disturbing the effects of healing.

Antidepressants can cause moderate and usually transient side effects in some patients. Usually, these are not severe, especially in new generation of medications. However, any adverse effects and reactions that are unusual which disturb proper functioning should immediately report to your doctor. In the short list below, we’ll describe the most common side effects and how to deal with them:

  • Libido issues – this contraindication is normal but transient, both in women and men. If the problem persists or worsens, even after you cancel therapy a long time ago, you should talk to the doctor.
  • Headache and nausea – these symptoms may take place after taking the medicine but passes very quickly.
  • Insomnia and nervousness – may happen during the first few weeks; in agreement with your doctor, dose reduction should solve this problem.
  • Tension and irritability – if this occurs for the first time after taking the medicine, consult your doctor.
  • Higher possibility of getting weight – It is noticeable that during the Remeron therapy, most patients get some extra pounds. Since this happens in a large number of cases, but increasing weight is not too drastic, this can be marked as a most common side effect which can be treated and prevent very easily. Of course, except in cases where sudden and drastic overweight affects the health condition.

The drug’s tolerability is very good, with a small number of patients having before-mentioned side effects. Any of the above-mentioned adverse effects can be enhanced if antidepressants interact with other drugs that also affect the production of serotonin. In the most extreme situations, a combination of these medicines can lead to the development of a dangerous and even fatal, “serotonin syndrome,” characterized by high body temperature, muscle contraction, and heart, liver, and kidney problems.

Be patient and persistent

No matter what kind of a medicine a doctor prescribes you, you must understand that it takes some time to see its effects. Although Remeron works very quickly, it may happen that after an initial escalation, you fall into the stagnation phase, or even return to the previous state. It is only necessary that you be persistent in the treatment, and that you are in contact with the doctor all the time, which will increase and decrease the dosage of medicine based on your current psychical condition.

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