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5 Toothsome Food Intakes For Sun Shield


5 Toothsome Food Intakes For Sun Shield


5 Toothsome Food Intakes For Sun Shield

Is it the sun, that’s curbing you to step out from your home, just because it has always been accused of the adulterated skin effects it has been causing ever since? Well if that’s the reason, then you got to be kidding me! Because believe me you, it takes only few food items for you to intake, and let them deal with the ever ferocious sun. Carrying the sun shield cosmetics to everywhere you go can still be an option for the fairer sex to take under consideration, but I’m not sure if the boys would want to carry a sun screen lotion in their pockets all the time. Ya? So, here’s something more convenient for both the sexes to settle down at.Read on to know those 5 tasty food items you can have, which can help you protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun, and its ill effects.

Oh its so Fishy!

It is believed that fish contains protein or a particular type of protein called Omega-3. This protein helps to fight harmful effects of sun’s radiations and helps protect your tissues and cell from getting exposed. A study shows that fish in food reduces the risk of skin cancer. So the fish you eat has many purposes you might probably not be aware of.

Vibrant hues of colorful foods

The colors of the nature from the red tomato to the pink radish, not to forget the green leafy vegetables, all help you to fight the itching effect caused due to ultraviolet radiations from the sun. The pink sour or citrus foods help you to fight the sun burns and other tissue damage caused due to sun.

That Chocolaty look!

Being a dark chocolate lover has to be a boon for you. Chocolates are good anti-oxidant and help you maintain your hydration level.[1] And least to say, you would love eating them. Won’t you want to know the many skin benefits of eating chocolates?

Cauliflower No Bar

You hate those cabbages and cauliflowers? But they have this immense power to prevent skin problems. Their antioxidant power helps you fight free radicals.

You Preen when you go Green

The green leafy vegetable can act as a shade from the harmful UV radiations. The green leafy vegetables have antioxidant power that helps you fight the sun effect.

The aforesaid food items are now sure to become a rage amongst all you skin conscious people. Well, if beauty is to you people, food is to drinks, compliment your knowledge by reading on, the different occasions to drink to your health.


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