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Popular CBD Products That Are Hitting Health & Wellness Stores

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Popular CBD Products That Are Hitting Health & Wellness Stores


In recent years more countries across the world have taken an interest in products containing Cannabidiol, or more popularly known as CBD.  It is considered to be the new rockstar drug for health and wellness. Due to the relaxed hemp laws, it is estimated that the booming CBD market could reach $22 Billion by 2022.

CBD isn’t psychoactive so it won’t get you high. It does not create the same effects typically associated with marijuana when ingested.

Despite lack of sufficient scientific research and conclusive proof, many studies have shown CBD as a potent anti-inflammatory aid and pain-reliever that reduces anxiety. CBD can potentially help people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, insomnia, PTSD, and epilepsy.

Initially, CBD products were limited and with only a handful of doctors recommended it for various ailments. The compound was extracted from the cannabis plant and is ideally packaged in the form of an oil or cream.

Today, wellness companies are bringing CBD oil-infused products that are rapidly spreading to food stores, beauty centres, cafes and even the pet industry.

This guide lists the popular types of CBD products that are hitting the market.

1. Beauty Products

CBD products in beauty help consumers reduce aches, swelling, and relieve stress. Common CBD products include lotions, creams, gels, masks, cleansers, facial toners, and serums. CBD is also now infused into shampoos, soaps and bath bombs to soothe your aches after a long day at work.

2. Drinks

Due to the advancement in technology, new kinds of water-friendly CBD products are coming up. CBD based drinks include bottled water, energy drinks, and powdered drink mixes that can be easily consumed on the go.

3. Edibles

CBD Edibles are the ideal for recreational use. These products are manufactured by combining an extract to form candies or baked food. The most trendy products one can find are CBD gummies, chocolate, cookies, and brownies. Edibles consisting of oils and fats will aid the CBD extract to absorb into the bloodstream quicker.

The real benefit of edibles is how it is able to mask the CBD’s natural taste. For example, only a few will be hesitant to decline in trying a tangy batch of CBD gummies.

4. Oils, Creams, and Balms

Ingesting CBD isn’t the only way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoid. Our skin has receptors that can easily absorb topical creams, balms, and oils. When applied directly to a sore or infected area, it can provide immediate relief to muscle soreness or skin irritations.

5. Coffee

Consumers are looking to find more ways to incorporate CBD into their daily routines so certain cafes have come with CBD infused coffee. A cup of CBD coffee offers a new way to enjoy the stimulating effects of the popular beverage. However, the consistency that works best for someone is still a question of personal preference. There are low doses of ground coffee available from different parts of the world that are enough to wake you up, help clear your mind and relieve temperate aches and pains.

6. Pet Products

Humans aren’t the only ones who can gain something from the healing properties of CBD use. Dogs, cats, and other animals are part of the new market that can benefit from the carefully crafted products that help relieve your pet’s anxiety and pain. Now, a wide range of CBD infused pet products are coming up including capsules, sprays, treats, and tinctures.

7. Oil Based Tinctures

More popularly known as CBD oil, a tincture is an oil-carried type of CBD that is consumed by administering it under the tongue. This liquid product often comes in a small bottle with a dropper. A carrier oil is mixed with the CBD extract to help it be absorbed quicker into the body to provide immediate relaxation and relief.

8. CBD Patches

Similar to topical creams and oils, patches are an effective way to administer CBD through one’s skin. For people suffering from chronic pain, patches provide long-lasting relief as compared to the traditional balm. Stick on patches infused with CBD can be placed onto areas of the body such as the wrist for it to be released slowly into the bloodstream.

9. Vape Products

A CBD extract is vaporised through a traditional vape pen and inhaled. Of all the kinds of CBD, inhaling has the quickest effect. There are numerous CBD vape products available on the market such as disposable vape pens which are pre-filled with CBD vape oil. To be more economical, chose vape cartridges that are pre-filled with CBD extract that can be loaded to your battery charged pen.

CBD is being marketed as a popular wonder drug for health and fitness. However, there is still lack of scientific research in this area and most of the benefits marketed today may not be scientifically proven. Hence, we recommend you to exercise caution before believing in any claims, and use CBD products only after seeking medical advice from your Doctor.

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