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What You Need To Know About P90X3 Workout

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What You Need To Know About P90X3 Workout


p90x3 success resultsAfter successfully shredding pounds from thousands of bodies by programs like Insanity, Insanity Asylum, P90X, P90X2 and T25, Beachbody is back once again with another fantastic product – P90X3 Workout.

Let’s have a look at what you’ll know after reading this review:

  • What is P90x3, and concept behind this program?
  • How is it different from other home fitness programs?
  • Does the program always work?
  • Can everyone do it?
  • What does the package include?
  • Would you need any extra equipment for the program?
  • What diet will you need while on this program?
  • What after 90 days?


Just like its predecessors, P90x3 too is designed as a workout program with 90 days cycle. But this time, Trainer Tony Horton ensured to engage you in a no-excuses-spared workout.

The latest, greatest, and by far the most grueling in the P90X trilogy, this workout will help get you the same results from an absolutely unbelievable time investment of just 30 minutes a day[1].
Highly structured, plateau busting  and a workout of full throttle intensity, that’s P90x3 for you.

Introduction: P90X3 Overview

The program is based on the concept of “muscle confusion”, where the workouts are continuously changed to challenge the body in a new way each time. Thus, keeping the plateau at bay[2].

Tony Horton, after working on the design for P90x3 for over an year, finally released it to the masses in December, 2013. Unlike the previous two versions, P90x and P90x2, which included sessions of 30-60 minutes, this program demands 30 minutes, start to finish. Hence, eliminating any excuses related to lack of time.

No wonder, why both beginners and pros are finding it too tempting to let go. The workout is extreme enough to define your physique, and condensed enough to be completed before work, during lunch or even before going to bed at night.

What’s Included in the package?

The program lets you choose between four options depending upon how many equipment you own or want to purchase. The four kit option which includes Base Kit, Deluxe, Ultimate or Challenge Pack are as follows:

Equipment needed

Minimal use of any workout equipment in P90x3 comes across as a major point of difference between the current and previous versions. With this, Tony Horton knocks out one more excuse you might make to skip workout while travelling for business or during vacation.

All you need to stick to your P90x3 schedule is a pair of cross trainer shoes, dumbbells of varying weights, few resistance bands, yoga mat, a pull up bar, and a med ball. However, the trainer asserts on not using running shoes for cross training as they restrict lateral movements and, are well, bulkier.

P90X3 Workout Schedule

All P90x3 workouts are of a duration of 30 minutes with exception of Ab Ripper X, which can be done in 15 minutes only. Every session includes a 20 second warm up and 2-3 minutes of cool down period. The amazing program has been designed in a set of 3 blocks spanning 4 weeks each, with last one stretched a week more.

Those who wish to continue even after the 90 day period, may have to purchase Deluxe or Ultimate P90x3 kits as they come with an Elite Block calendar. This additional block builds up a 4 week schedule with 3 workouts which were excluded in the Base kit.

However, one can purchase them separately too. Further enriching the program, the workout schedules can be followed as per one’s fitness goals that comprise of Classic, Lean, Doubles and Mass.


An ideal workout for whole body, the Classic program is a perfect cross between strength, cardio and muscle conditioning exercises. As promised, it can be completed in a time frame of 30 minutes for a period of 90 days.


This program attracts those who want to shed fat and get leaner. Consequently, it has been designed like more of a cardiovascular workout to get you through the cutting phase in no time.


True to its name, Doubles, is P90x3 – twice a day, targeting those who just love their bodies and how it looks after a workout. So, its one hour of P90x3 everyday for the next 90 days.


The newest, and apparently the best addition to the P90x series is Mass, for those who wish to increase lean muscle mass in their bodies. As a result, it emphasizes more on the strength training aspect of the workout. However, it is highly crucial to be at your desired weight and then work your way up with this program.

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P90X3 Workout DVDs

The program comes packed in an 8 DVD pack comprising 16 workout routines which can be categorized as: Resistance, Power, Cardio, and Core, Flex and Balance. The detailed description of the program is as follows:


  • Total Synergistics (A set of mind blowing resistance workout for full body)
  • The Challenge (An unprecedented variation of push ups and pull ups for a chiseled upper body)
  • Incinerator (Extreme burnout session to push limits and melt fat)
  • The Warrior (A workout anyone can do, and everyone must do)
  • Eccentric Upper (Exercises to add further definition to upper body muscles)
  • Eccentric Lower (Complementary workout for lower body to balance and further enhance the progress)


  • Agility X (Supreme combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise for precision, flexibility and balance)
  • Triometrics (An ultimate plyometric workout to enhance speed and strength)
  • Decelerator (A balancing workout of multi-angle deceleration training)


  • Cardio Vascular Extreme (CVX) (An intensive interval training for a stronger core and ripped abs)
  • Mark Briggs Inspired MMA Workouts (MMX) (Cross training session of Mixed Martial Arts to get the most out of the program)
  • Accelerator (Accelerator session to increase cardiovascular and muscular efficiency)

Core, Flex & Balance

  • Pilates X (Principles of Pilates infused into modern science for a powered up core and flexibility)
  • X3 Yoga (Yoga session for balanced muscle strength, power, flexibility, stability and stamina)
  • Isometric (Through isometric exercise, it further improves stability and balance)
  • Dynamix (Aimed to increase range of motion, this session helps maximizing results from other workouts)

P90X3 Nutrition Guide

Studies suggest that, contribution of nutrition and exercise in achievement of body of your lifetime is 8o-20. The reason precisely, why every Beachbody workout comes packed with an ideal nutritional guide to help you attain the shape of your dreams.

Similarly, P90x3 includes a daily nutritional guide which can be modified both as per your diet preferences, like vegetarian or vegan, and daily activities. Also, the trainer encourages people to share their personal tips on how to further improve the guide to make it more vegan friendly.

P90X3 Comparison Chart: Choose Your Kit

p90x3 beachbody workouttrends

P90X3 Free Online Support

This is probably the best part of Beachbody workout regimes – a 24X7 online support. One can participate in forums and online chats at with thousands of users, trainers, Beachbody coaches, and even Tony Horton himself.

Here, you are free to share your doubts, progress whether positive or negative, tips and experiences. This online community of trainers and enthusiasts will forever be ready to clear out your queries and to encourage you to keep pushing a little further.

P90X3 Android and iPhone App

An Android app for both mobile and tablet, is already available in market to help you track progress, reps, time, and workouts completed, in addition to the other associated resources on Beachbody website. A similar app for iPhone users is expected to be released soon.

P90X3 Review & Results: What Can I Expect From the P90X3 Program?

Three things that set P90x3 apart and superior from the previous versions are:

  • Individualistic approach to fitness level as it includes separate blocks for different workout goals (Classic, Lean, Double and Mass)
  • You do not need to go through the previous versions to advance to P90x3, nor do you need to be in your best shape
  • Condensed workout regime to squeeze in a 30 minute time schedule

Though it does not mean, P90x3 is going to be a piece of cake. If the goal is to finish in 30 minutes, you need to give your all to every minute of it. The movement is fast, continuous and extremely intense.

Another great aspect of this program is its adaptability, both for those who are not in their top shape, and for those who are. The former can achieve their best shape by performing it with the specified modifications and later, boost it with the unmodified P90x3 workout.

Similarly, those currently in their best shape can take up the doubles routine directly, and can further intensify it with addition of Elite Block to the train with the toughest and meanest workout P90x series can offer.

Evidently, this program is well researched and well designed keeping in mind all kinds of variable like fitness goals, initial fitness level, diet preferences, work schedules, etc. P90x3 program from the canopy of Beachbody and Tony Horton is indeed a workout of the masses.

P90X3 Pros

  • Intensive, condensed and effective workouts
  • Can be easily synced in a busy schedule
  • Variation provided by 16 workouts that avoid repetition, boredom and plateau
  • A P90X app to help track progress
  • Easy adaptation and modifications for all fitness levels
  • Requirement of minimal equipment for completing workouts
  • Individualistic approach based on individual fitness goals
  • Entire range of modifications of workouts, from very beginner to double intensity to extension of schedule option
  • Inclusion of Vegan option in the daily nutritional plan

P90X3 Cons

  • Expensive for a home fitness system

P90X3 Conclusion: Should I or Shouldn’t I Do the P90X3 Program?

Comparing the P90x pros and cons, this program is definitely worth every try. Not to forget the time investment it demands has got both beginners and pros drooling over it.

Its a well researched and well planned system of strength, resistance, weight training that includes Yoga, Pilates, MMA and cardio with 24X7 online community and a daily nutritional support guide. A true home based workout in every sense, you would be saving thousands of bucks and precious hours with every completed block.

P90X3 Testimonials

Due to a recent release, no before-after transformation pictures are currently available to demonstrate the efficiency of this program. However, the program has still received rave reviews from the test group users.

Out of a group of 40 participants, 39 touched the mark of 10% body fat percentage before the finish of the 90 day schedule. To the trainer’s surprise, some in fact lost 22% by the end of it. But surely, the actual results for the product may vary from person to person. Overall, it is a highly intense program. So you chose it if you can take it.

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