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The 90 Day P90X Workout DVDs Program Unbiased Review

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The 90 Day P90X Workout DVDs Program Unbiased Review


p90x workout dvd reviewWhen we talk about getting fit, we usually have a certain kind of body in mind that we dream to build. Most of the times, fitness goals are about getting into better shape rather than having a healthy lifestyle. Because, lifestyle modification takes a pretty long time. Not to forget, loads of dedication and consistency.

There has been much hype about the P90X program, and how it has the power to transform your body within just 90 days. The motive behind talking about a fit body and a healthy lifestyle together was this program, which addresses both these issues simultaneously. Yes, I’m not lying. It really does.

P90X, an extreme home fitness workout routine, is one of the best workout programs designed to give you a holistic workout. After having looked at the program details, it seems to me as the most effective workout program, as compared to other programs that are out there in the market. Whatever your fitness goal may be, with the right mix of cardio, weight training and yoga, it is going to be a tough, yet a rewarding workout regime.

You want to shred fat fast and get leaner. It’ll get you there. You want to build muscles. Done! You just want a fitter body. Done that too.

And, when you go through real people’s reviews, you realize that this product MAY actually live up to all the hype that it is creating.

So, what are you going to learn here in this review?

p90x tony horton

Tony Horton

  • What exactly is P90x?
  • What is the basic concept of this program and how it works?
  • Does the program always work?
  • Can everyone do it?
  • How to know if the program is for you or not?
  • What does the package include?
  • Would you need any extra equipment for the program?
  • What diet will you need while on this program?
  • What after 90 days?

Let the Trainer-Designer, Tony Horton give you the details about the program through this link. Or, you can check it later after going through the review.

1. What is P90x Workout?

Spread across a span of 13 weeks with exercises dedicated to almost everyday in a week (it is actually 6 days) this program is sort of a cross training exercise.[1] The regime developed by Tony Horton (international fitness trainer) for Beachbody in 2003 is a powerful coalescence of Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Martial Arts and Yoga. The 90 Day Program allows you to build muscle, or lose weight depending on your fitness goals with a mixture of cardio-based and strength training exercises.

There are three variations:

  • Classic: Most popular variant. A middle ground of lean and bulked body.
  • Lean: For anyone looking to just shred fat and have a trim body, rather than a muscular one. More cardio, less resistance.
  • Double: Most effective. And most intense too. Quite obviously, preferred only by the most determined souls. More cardio, even more weights.

2. Does it Really Work?

Usually, you will find people who make some progress with their workout, but quickly reach a point where no matter how hard they train, it doesn’t cut body fat or build muscles. The reason is that your body gets accustomed to a particular kind of workout and, you end up in a dreaded “plateau” effect which causes you to give up.

But with this program, you avoid the plateau effect.

The various workouts are spread evenly across the week with a mix of both strength and cardio workouts, thus, allow your body to keep developing muscles. When your body feels that you are quickly changing your workouts frequently, it reacts as if you are starting a new workout each day. This is the science at the heart of “Muscle Confusion”.

Result? No plateau effect, as in your muscles don’t get used to any form of exercise and hence, the output is better.

But haven’t trainers been using this technique earlier?

YES, many have.

Rotational exercises to keep plateau at bay is nothing new[2] but what’s unique about this program is, that its home-based and asks only for an hour dedication in one day. Now, you can devote an hour to looking fab for the rest of the hours, right?

3. What comprises the P90X Workout System?

Precisely, a set of 12 DVDs, a nutritional guide with great recipes and, a calender to mark your improvement.

  • Each DVD targets different muscles and skill level and also variations for intensity levels – classic, lean and doubles. Choose whichever flatters your body better.
  • DVD 1: Trains chest and back with targeted strength and definition workout with variations of pull ups (with resistance bands, shoulder width, wider, narrower, reverse grip) and push ups (traditional, wide stance)
  • DVD 2: Trains plyometrics through explosive jumping cardio routine. Evidently, you’ll need good shoes. Touted as the most intense of all, it aims to improve your athletic performance.
  • DVD 3: Strengthens shoulders and arms by a compelling routine of pressing, curling, and fly movements.
  • DVD 4: Works on your entire body, inside out with Yoga X, a great combination of poses that yield strength, balance, flexibility, calmness of mind and body.
  • DVD 5: Toughens up legs and back with squats, lunges, and pulls for a total-body workout.
  • DVD 6: Improves endurance, balance and coordination through Kenpo X, an intense cardio-workout where you punch and kick endlessly.
  • DVD 7: X Stretch your hamstrings for becoming a better athlete as well as avoiding injuries and plateaus.
  • DVD 8: Core Synergistics will build and support multiple muscle groups while conditioning your body.
  • DVD 9: Strengthen your chest, shoulders and triceps for enhanced endurance and fatigue resistance.
  • DVD 10: Tones up your back and biceps. 
  • DVD 11: Enthrall yourself through this low-impact cardio X for a refreshing feel.
  • DVD 12: Sculpts your six-pack with Ab ripper X.

Feel the program resonates with your fitness goals? 

Click here to get your DVDs

4. Who all can go for this program?

Important thing to note here is, that P90X is NOT necessarily for a BEGINNER.

It is designed for people who have already achieved a certain level of fitness. And the product makes a clear distinction between who is fit and not fit enough for the program. Besides, there is no point of having a fitness goal that doesn’t really push your limits, and kick you off your comfort couch.

If you’re still wondering, if you are fit for this program, then I would say that you take up the P90X Fitness Test or P90X Fit Test (which is, in fact, excerpted from the P90X Fitness Guide, thus, giving you a glimpse into this Workout System). This fit test will analyze your fitness level, and let you know if you are the eligible candidate for the classic workout or the lean workout schedule.

Here, you can download the P90X fit test pdf 

Allow me to re-emphasize that although this product is NOT necessarily for beginners. Still, if you fail the fitness test, you don’t need to worry – you can always scale down the program, and take it from there.

Also, you don’t need to stop after a 90 days cycle too, as you can undergo P90X over and over again by steadily stepping up your difficulty level every time you start the program again.

The Best Part of this program is, that one can actually design his/her own 90 day workout dvd program.

So, if yoga or martial arts doesn’t interest you, then you can leave them. Similarly, if building muscles isn’t your main goal then you can avoid the exercises designed to build muscles.

Everything said and done, I will still recommend you to go through each workout at least once, to see if it suits your body or not. Also, don’t forget to track your progress. Take snapshots and measurements on day 1, so that you can compare them on day 90. It will give you a sense of achievement too.

However, if you are suffering from chronic ailment or problems that limit your physical abilities, you should NOT undergo this program. Also, if the fit test deems you unfit for the program by a good margin.  However, you can opt for less intense routines like Power 90 from the same house of course.

Also, its not a fat reducing program for very over-weight individuals to consider. It is an intense program for reasonably fit people.

P90X Nutrition and Diet Plan: Like I said, lifestyle modification such as taking up healthy eating habits is tough. Well, the problem is solved now. This program offers its own nutritional and supplement advice so, its obviously better to follow it, and witness dramatic results.

The guide plans your diet in three phases:

  • Fat Shredder: High protein with limited carbs and fat
  • Energy Booster: More emphasis on carbs than proteins
  • Endurance Maximizer: High carb and protein diet with limited fat

Eating something few hours before playing on the DVD is always a good idea to ensure you have energy in your system to sustain the intensity, and avoid light-headedness at the end.

Requisites for your 6×6 home gym: Standard home equipment like yoga mat, yoga blocks, dumbbells, pull up-chin up bars, push up handles, chairs, gloves, etc.

5. What are the Pros and Cons?

5.1. Pros

  • Entertaining workout as the DVDs are laced with intermittent jokes
  • No plateau effect as the exercise keeps changing
  • Intense workouts will develop a mental toughness
  • Free nutritional advice and 24×7 expert assistance option
  • A lean athletic body, with no bulked up muscles
  • You join the cult endorsed by celebrities that include Sheryl Crow, Demi Moore, Pink, Bruce Springsteen and 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan

5.2. Cons

  • Not for obese and others limited by chronic sickness and physical disorders
  • After spending approximately $140 for the DVD, you’ll be shelling out few more to buy the basic equipment
  • It only teaches you the exercise, not the technique, so, some newbies might get it wrong

Not only one routine, its a complete series, Power 90 series which includes Power 90, Power 90 Master Series, P90X, P90X+, P90X One-on-One, P90X2, and P90X3 (Fall 2013). So you can choose the level you like and transform yourself.

Even though, there are few cons – I  still feel, that it is one of the BEST HOME FITNESS PROGRAM out there in the market right now. Checkout this video where Tony Horton takes you through a free tour of this workout.

6. Would You Like To Take The P90X Challenge?

take the 90 days p90x workout challenge

P90X is the Most Extreme Home Fitness Training System Ever!

Click here to get your DVDs

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