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Is P90X A Scam Or Does It Work?


Is P90X A Scam Or Does It Work?



“The higher you rise, the more they try to pull you down.”

I believe that’s sufficient to summarize P90x scam everybody is screaming about. They don’t find the P90x before and after pictures reliable. They say the P90x nutrition plan is faulty or lacking. And they’ll complain it didn’t work for them. So, everything is just another marketing parade and brainwashing.


Here’s the truth about P90x

First: The only difference between people showing progress, and those screaming scam-scam-scam is, the devotion towards the fitness program. If one wishes to lose weight, and is willing to sweat for it, Tony Horton with his P90X workout will eventually ‘drag’ you there.

(Drag, because the program IS intense!)

Second: It’s a simple 80-20 math of diet and exercise, which all trainers and fitness freaks are aware of. If you follow the prescribed P90x meal plan religiously, and do not feel a right earned to binge occasionally, you stand very close to your dream physique. Rest is keeping check on intensity of your workout and following schedule.

  1. Should a beginner do it for burning fat and building muscle? Yes. 
  2. Are the P90x before and after pictures reliable? Yes. 
  3. Is it recommended for body building? No.

Now read, why not.

If you are dreaming to get a body builder’s physique through P90x, then you probably should look else where. However, if you couple the new P90X3 Doubles program with a regular gym bulking session, then you can get there much faster.

Some say, P90x is a scam because of the other ‘overpriced’ products they promote simultaneously, like Shakeology supplements and equipment. Then dude, get your basics straight.

They are in a business of home fitness program, a program which promises to eliminate all situations where you might consider running to a fitness coach. Accordingly, the suggestions are made for the dumbest of newbies.

So, if you know, you can get better supplements at half the price, then go buy them. But, don’t just start calling P90x a scam because of this silly reason. No one is actually ‘forcing’ you to buy from Beachbody. Research, and make an informed decision.

And those who think its a scam, because of their Multi Level Marketing strategy, then please, go research on other such companies and call them scamming too. A company’s business model is none of anybody’s business.

FYI, they call all their affiliates, coaches. And that’s just another P90x jargon they use. Period.

  • P90x scam? No.
  • P90x hardcore? Yes.

I believe, I covered all kinds of reasons people use to back the “P90X scam” claim. But, to finally put the skeptical thoughts to rest forever, visit some P90x forums, and find the truth yourself.

Meet the real people doing it, and going through epic P90x transformations.

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