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5 Tips for Losing Weight Naturally


5 Tips for Losing Weight Naturally


It’s widely accepted that losing weight entails dieting and controlling what you eat. This view, however, isn’t entirely accurate. You need to understand that the adoption of certain habits leading to living a healthier lifestyle has a lasting impact and remains key to losing weight naturally. A change in your lifestyle guarantees weight loss and an incredible body.

Short-lived craze diets aren’t practical or sustainable. Let’s explore a few simple and feasible tips you perhaps know but often overlook. Stick to these guidelines to lose and maintain weight naturally.


1. Check your portion size

Choose your portion size wisely. Eating the recommended portions may prove challenging for the majority of persons looking to lose weight. Start with modest food portions and add just a little if necessary.

Refrain from eating quickly at the start because you may end up overeating. Supposing you choose to eat out, stir-fry or take a salad to desist from taking excess calories. The fiber contained in veggies hampers you from gobbling too much at a go.

2. Cease skipping meals

A great number of us hold the view that skipping meals aids of weight loss, which is plain ridiculous. Skipping meal times puts your body in starvation mode leading to the build-up of fat cells. Besides, you tend to overeat on your next meal after skipping a meal, thereby increasing the odds of weight gain.

Thus, take small and periodic meals and snack in between meals to keep your metabolism at an optimum level for satiation and maintain high energy levels.

3. Snack right

We’d all love to sneak snacks. Although, it’s essential that you pick the right bite. Nuts, yogurt, fresh fruit or whole wheat munchies should suffice. Also, try out a personal version of a wholesome snack by incorporating proteins with carbohydrates, for example, pear with a teaspoonful of almond butter, whole wheat cracker or peanut with 10g of feta cheese.

Options described above keep you feeling full for longer while still providing a feeling of satiation.

4. Choose liquid calories carefully

Sweetened drinks heap on the calories and never lessen hunger as compared to solid foods. Quench your craving using water, small rations of 100% fruit juice, low-fat or skimmed milk or sparkling water accompanied laced with citrus.

Take a glass of low-calories and nourishing vegetable juice in-between meals to get you over the line in case you fall hungry before scheduled meal times.

Be vigilant of alcohol calories as they add up fast. Supposing you like taking a cocktail or a glass of wine after your dinner, restricting alcohol to weekends is a great calorie saver.

5. Close your kitchen at night

Establish eating times and refrain from late night snacking as you watch TV. Take a bowl of ice cream, frozen yogurt or a cup of tea in case you want something sugary after dinner. But, brush your teeth afterward to reduce the possibility of taking anything else.

Bottom line

Losing weight isn’t an arduous task. Eat the right stuff and never starve yourself. Check out No Love For Love Handles: How To Get Rid Of Them to read more of natural weight loss techniques.

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