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Mr Bean’s Workout Routine (Special “Pun” Edition)

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Mr Bean’s Workout Routine (Special “Pun” Edition)


Although you can tell from our blog posts so far that we take workout seriously, we certainly don’t take life too seriously. So, we have compiled a special “pun” edition featuring the lazy exercise workout of the legendary comedian and our favorite comic character – Mr. Bean.

We certainly hope that you’ll enjoy the humor side of things.Then, after you wipe the tears from your eyes, we hope that you post your humorous exercise or picture or joke or experience that you’d love to share with us in the comments section. We will look to put all the collection in a future post for all of us to enjoy. So go on, enjoy the Ultimate Guide to Mr. Bean’s Lazy Workout Routine.

The Ultimate Guide to Mr. Bean’s “Lazy” Workout Routine (Special “Pun” Edition)

Getting a ripped and chiseled body like Mr. Bean is no mean ask. You need dedication, persistence and animal instinct to build a body that is revered. It doesn’t have to be a torture. Exercise has to be about functional training – exercise incorporated into your daily life.

I just happen to remember one legendary dialogue from Mr. Bean’s flick “Johnny English”

Lorna Campbell: What are you going to do? Sit in this grotty flat feeling sorry for yourself, or are you going to get out there and save your country?

Johnny English: …I’m going to sit in the flat.

So you can see that Mr. Bean’s idea to exercise is a good brisk sit.

That’s what it takes to master “Mr. Bean’s Lazy Exercise Workout Routine.” Don’t believe me? Watch it yourself how Mr. Bean starts his morning with a body crushing total body workout.

Special Tip from Mr. Bean: The trick is that you have to exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing.

Great tip. Isn’t it?

Mr. Bean’s Diet & Eating Style

This particular thing is no brainer. All you have to do is just “eat everything in sight” and “eat fast” – this helps to add muscle to your frame without adding mass as you see from the toned physique of Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean’s Best Exercise Advice

According to Mr. Bean, the best exercise one gets is while pushing his luck :D. So, if you’re one of those whose got the worst luck ever than seriously, it’s a blessing in disguise. Because you get to workout all day “pushing your luck”. 😀 Don’t believe me, again? Watch it yourself.

Mr. Bean is Aquatic. Swimming is his cardio.

Mr. Bean feels that a serious of strenuous aerobic exercises only help convert fats, sugars and starch into aches, pains and cramps. And add to that, it makes people smell. So instead, he considers a more cleaner approach to cardio – doing swimming. Although, he does a bit of stretches before jumping into the pool.

Still don’t believe me? Man, you really need to watch this first!


Mr. Bean Practices Judo

Mr. Bean is one celebrity that has embraced “judo” like none other. He was a master at Judo. Once he even defeated his seasoned judo teacher in the class. See it for yourself.

Mr. Bean Likes Yoga Too

At times, Mr. Bean feels yoga is great. He closes his eyes and imagines himself in a relaxing place. Like on his sofa not doing yoga. 😀

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s great exercise pushing your luck.
  • Brain also needs exercise, so spend lots of time thinking up excuses for not working out.
  • Eat everything in sight and make it fast.
  • Yoga is great exercise because you can imagine yourself NOT doing yoga.
  • Cardio can make you smell so do it in a pool.

We hope that you enjoyed the post as much as us. And don’t forget that being part of the human “race” also counts as exercise.

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