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Making Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Stick


Making Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution Stick


new year resolutionMost of you have taken  your  new year fitness resolution. Congratulations!

How do you proceed now? Now, what to do to get in an amazing shape?

Joining a gym is not the first thing to do. Here is where most people make the mistake. They join a gym with a body that has nutritional deficiencies, low energy and weak immunity. Then they workout in all vigour and endure terrible soreness.

The body is incapable of handling such stress at this time. The speed of recovery is terribly slow. Some drop out now and the rest later because they are not experiencing the energy and transformation they came looking for.

The intention was right but the approach was wrong. A wrong approach cannot accomplish the right change. I will now share with you the right approach to body transformation. An approach that will not fail or upset you.

Here is the step by step guide:


Fitness DiaryA thought/idea/plan that is not put on paper is soon forgotten. Make your commitment concrete by writing down your dream. Don’t write it in a borrowed sheet of paper. It will get lost.

Get yourself a diary. Fitness is very organized endeavour. The more organized you get, the easier it becomes. Write about what you want to achieve and in how much time. As you begin to write, thing start getting into shape.

Record your weight, inch measurements and body composition details. I also advice my clients to get blood tests, lipid profile, Liver/Kidney function and other tests done and also write these readings in diary.

You see, transformation is not just external. Things change on the inside too. With right training, not only will your body become beautiful on the outside, it will also become stronger from the inside.

The tests when done again after few months confirm great improvement and indicates that the person has moved far away from diseases and disorders. To analyse, we need the records in a chronological order. This personal fitness diary of yours will keep you informed and on track always.

Once you have bought a diary and written down your plans and readings in the diary, you take the second step…


balanced mealMost people do not understand the vitality of this step in body transformation. When it comes to diet, people try to become their own nutritionist or worse follow someone else’s nutrition plan or some random diet from internet. It is a BIG MISTAKE.

I have studied nutrition in detail and I am a certified Sports Nutritionist. I know how complex this is and how diligently a nutrition plan has to be chalked out for an individual. Food is a powerful thing. Overtime, it can damage and kill or cure and build.

Get your diet plan chalked out by a good and certified nutritionist. I am shocked when I hear some people say they cannot pay for a diet chart and the amount is too much.

These are the same people I see blowing up thousands on a weekend outing, eating junk, buying clothes n shoes they don’t need, watching movies and getting drunk. When it comes to planning how to nourish their bodies, they go broke. Ludicrous. These are people who always complain but never change.

A scientific diet plan if religiously followed is the most powerful tool for fat loss. Once you have a diet plan made for you, follow it. The nutritional deficiencies will be taken care of, much needed vitamins n minerals will be provided, energy levels will stay high and constant, immunity will get stronger, cellular functioning gets optimal and the whole body as a system, in few days (7-21) becomes ready to undergo micro trauma of workouts, which leads you to the next and final step..


Fitness gymWhen you set out to join a gym, look for the following attributes:
It has to be close to your home. If the gym is far, no matter how good it is, you will tend to skip it more often. The effort to reach a far off gym is a turn off. If fitness facility is close by, you will be regular and being regular is the key to an amazing body.

Gym should have options to do cardio and weight training. Everything else really does not matter. The saunas, steam baths, massages, showers, etc. are all secondary and in my opinion, not even required. The cardio and strength training facilities fit in my definition of a good gym.

Trainers should be certified and helpful. Facility should not be overcrowded. Ample poundage has to be there. Gym should have all machines you need for your workouts.

I used to reject gyms which did not have sitting calf raise machine. Make sure that the gym timings suit your schedule and see if they are open on weekends. Some of your most amazing workouts might happen on a Sunday.

Once you are in the gym, learn all you can about exercises and fall in love with your workouts. Your love will make you beautiful. Your passion will keep you strong. Your body would transform and you will truly know what it feels like to have such incredible shape and strength.

I hope these points increased your knowledge in some way and bring shape to your dreams. In case you know of a friend or family member who wants to transform her/his body but does not know the correct approach or is going the wrong way, please feel free to share my post with them.

Health, strength and shape to you all. Amen!

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