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Wearing Makeup to the Gym? Here Are 6 Tips and Tricks to Follow

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Wearing Makeup to the Gym? Here Are 6 Tips and Tricks to Follow


While wearing makeup to the gym is not generally recommended by skincare professionals, yet for some, it is something that gives them the extra confidence they need to go out.

However, it is wise to follow certain tips to flaunt flawless skin at the gym.

Let’s get started!

Keep it minimal

During exercise, you’re going to be sweating, so to avoid heavy makeup sliding over your face, try to keep your makeup look minimal. A BB cream can be a great choice and contains SPF if you will be out in the sunshine. Just make sure to lock it in with a setting spray.

It would also be best to avoid heavy mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner, as they tend to be some of the messiest products.

Avoid hydrating or greasy products

While glowy creams and foundations can look impressive at first, it’s best to avoid them while at the gym. Items that contain a lot of oil will cause your makeup to slide and will give off a shiny appearance. If you must wear foundation, opt for something matte without too many harsh chemicals. Check out how to choose the best vegan foundation for more information.

Choose light natural colors

To master the “no-makeup makeup look,” you want to avoid bright colors and instead stick with ones that are similar to your skin tone. If you’re wearing eyeshadow, go with beige and nude shades. Instead of lipstick, go with a lip balm that will keep your lips soft and moisturized. It’s better to save the glitz and glam for afterward!

Find waterproof products

Waterproof or water-resistant products will be your new best friend, so if you must wear mascara and concealer, make sure it says it on the label. They are designed to be long-lasting and won’t budge even while you are completing even the most advanced exercises. Just make sure to have some waterproof removing wipes ready for after! Otherwise, you may not be able to get it all off.

Get rid of the shine

As mentioned above, wearing makeup while exercising can cause your face to appear shiny. Blotch sheets are a great item to keep in your gym bag as they won’t remove your makeup but instead get rid of any excess oil that may be accumulating around your t-zone. Trust us when we say these affordable little items will be your new favorite essential!

Follow your skincare routine afterward

After a workout, it’s essential to keep your skin fresh. Otherwise, you’re going to feel the consequences later! Make sure you have a great face wash handy as well as a toner and moisturizer. If you work out regularly, having some excellent face masks and serums to treat yourself can also be very handy!

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