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Excerpts from a Dance-Meditation Lover’s Diary


Excerpts from a Dance-Meditation Lover’s Diary


Apr 30, 2013

Dear Diary,

Girl sitting near a window getting boredExams are over. All my friends have gone back home. The days are long and boring. Bro thinks that I’m a good-for-nothing unlike all the other girls my age – doing so much in their life! Why is he so judgemental all the time?

When will college re-open?

When will Ma be back from the camp?

Even Pluto seems disinterested in all that he does. I badly need something to energize me and later on some good sleep to cool me off. I am just so bored and irritated.

– Me. Bored.

May 05, 2013

Rain on the pavementWith rain came some relief into this hot boring weather. Otherwise, I was just too bored to go out, even for a swim.

Sammy and I are meeting up for lunch tomorrow. Haven’t seen her since long. Looking forward to hanging out at Joey’s. Still half the day more to go.

How will the time pass by? Life itself has become so lifeless.

– Me. Waiting.

May 06, 2013

Sammy and Cheese Pizza at Joey’s made my day!

She’s keeping herself busy with Dance Meditation these days! She told me a lot about it and I too felt like trying it out.

Noted down all the contact details and I’m meeting her again tomorrow to join her for a trial class.

Eagerly waiting for 7 am tomorrow.

– Me. Excited.

May 07, 2013

Finally found something to look forward to! Enjoyed the trial dance meditation class today.

Felt very self-conscious at first, but made myself comfortable gradually. Everyone out there was simply dancing – dancing in the true sense- without having taken any instructions or lessons.

They were all just following the music and the rhythm and it was just taking them all somewhere where all of them felt like they were in another world!

Me. Fascinated.

May 08, 2013

Girl lost while dancingEnrolled my name for the class officially today. The moment I stepped into the premises, I felt calm and peaceful.

It was just my 2nd day today and I danced! I simply and only danced!

Forgetting how I was kicked out of my Ballet class last summer and how I broke that glass vase at home, trying to learn an MJ step for over 5 days!

I just put all that down the drain and danced! Leave aside Bro, not even a single person present there was trying to judge me and I felt so comfortable being myself!

I didn’t get even a single thought from the outside world and danced like no one’s watching!

Me. Happy.

June 10, 2013In love

I am in love with Dance Meditation! Completely! Totally! Thoroughly!

It is just getting better with each passing class.

Bro was surprised to know I’ve taken this up and admires me for it! Surprisingly, he too wants to try it now!

-Me. In love.

June 17, 2013

Ma is back from the camp and I am so happy!

I made Coconut Soufflé for her. She loved it! Also told her about my new found love, Dance Meditation and she was so happy and surprised to know that I’ve taken up something related to dance!

She encouraged me even more to keep going at it!

-Me. Feeling at home.

mom and daughter love

July 11, 2013

Today at the class, though Sammy and I went in together, I was dancing in my own world and she paired up with Abby.

Both of us were present in the crowd, but still could be ourselves. I was dancing alone but was still with everyone.

This left me wondering about the soul’s state in this materialistic world. My soul is in my body, which is surrounded by beings all the time, yet it is so aloof.

And that is what it is meant for – be with all, yet be alone. It is connected to all at all times, yet has an independent identity of its own which keeps the inner fire going.

-Me. Together, yet alone. Alone, yet together.

Nov 7, 2013

Hosted a dinner for the Hudson Family tonight.

Mrs. Hudson couldn’t stop admiring the garlic roasted potatoes which I had prepared and also my looks!

She seemed to be my latest fan on the planet! My skin, hair, physique, agility – all fascinated her a lot and I couldn’t stop blushing at her compliments.

I knew for sure in my heart that it’s my Dance Meditation’s magic that was working.

-Me. Beautiful.

Dec 5, 2014

Ben’s desktop wallpaper read: “When in doubt, refer to your heart.”

I guess I’m honing this skill daily at my Dance Meditation classes, because I do not dance to please or impress somebody, or to win a competition.

I just dance to my heart’s wish, to my body’s rhythm and to my soul’s music.

I listen to my heart all the time and dance to its tune and the path ahead grows clearer and clearer!

-Me. Close to my Inner Self.

Jan 29, 2014

Dad was telling me about Mr. Jeffrey’s son today – how he scored the highest GPA in his last exams, got through all tough entrance exams and interviews and how he is serving one of the top MNCs today and has a white collar job!

I immediately, confidently, yet gently expressed my view that no two people are the same and can’t be compared in the least. Exactly what my Dance Meditation classes and my friends there have subtly taught me.

Every single person there, is dancing in a different, ‘might-be-weird-to-the-layman’ way, yet makes sense in the bigger picture of life.

No two dancers there are compared and termed right or wrong. They all do their own thing and are best in their own ways.

-Me. Confident.

Apr 12, 2014

I just hate Ma for not allowing me to buy that red backless dress for Katy’s party.

Just so angry at her. It wasn’t even expensive.

What will I wear to Katy’s party now? Chuck it! I won’t attend it rather.

This’ll surely make Ma regret what she did to me.

-Me. Angry. Very angry.

a dancer silhoutteApr 13, 2014

At the Dance Meditation class today, I just danced out all the anger I had in my heart for Ma.

I emptied myself of whatever was inside me and went back home with a clean slate.

Hugged Ma tight and apologized for having behaved rudely and not having understood her.

She took me shopping again and bought me an even prettier dress! Waiting to rock Katy’s party now.

Me. Relieved. Excited.

July 24, 2014

It’s been over a year since Sammy introduced me to the concept of Dance Meditation. I love her for that and I can’t thank her enough for it.

The peace of mind and goodness that it has filled my life with has inspired me to take it to a new level. I am planning to start weekend Dance Meditation classes for kids.

I want all kids to know and experience this beautiful concept, as early in their life, as they can. So that, even they can, like I did- celebrate life, express their hearts freely and let their spirits fly.

Me, Pranita. Full of peace and life.

Content happy girl

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