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What I Learnt From Travelling With My 1 Year Old Son

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What I Learnt From Travelling With My 1 Year Old Son


Just about a week ago, I finished a train travel with my one year old son and trust me it feels like a battle won or one big task accomplished.

It was a 30-hour long journey and before it started I had imagined myself relaxing completely in the train, finishing a long pending e-book, catching up on my much needed sleep and binging on lots of junk food.

But, I forgot that the maker of my destiny, my son, was also travelling with me and things would be absolutely different!

All dynamics changed since the time we entered the train compartment. Toddlers, mostly need just one thing in life, and that is space.

Train compartments are made to be cramped and are full of passengers, and this fact of a train travel irritates toddlers the most.

They get bored in 4 or 5 odd hours with the lack of space, excess of people around them and to top it all – the new surroundings, which makes them feel the most uncomfortable.

Many other factors make travelling tad difficult for the parents and the toddlers. This recent train experience of mine gave me the idea for this post of mine and here are the thoughts I wish to share with all.

Essentials needed while travelling with toddlers

The most essential items that you can’t miss on are:

  1. Diapers, diaper disposable bags, wipes, changing mat and hand sanitizer
  2. Feeding bottles, food feeder bottle, sippy cups, formula, baby food
  3. Snacks for your toddler to munch on.
  4. Warm water and boiled and cooled drinking water.
  5. Warm blanket, sheets, hand towels, bibs and washcloths
  6. 2-3 pair of clothes
  7. Toys that your toddler hasn’t played with before (so that they amuse and interest him)
  8. Car Seat (if you’re travelling by car or plane)
  9. First-aid Kit (with all the medicines that your child has ever used or might require)
  10. Socks, shoes, kerchiefs, and hats or caps.
  11. Sunscreen, baby lotion, bathing soap and shampoo and baby oil
  12. Portable highchair
  13. Portable crib
  14. Pram or stroller
    For lightweight strollers of good quality, you can check:

Travelling with toddlers essentials

Food Issues

Toddler eatingMake sure that the place you choose to visit has good food arrangements for your child. Talk to them and ensure if they use good quality brands, if the water is well treated or not and if they would be able to cater to your requests or not.
Don’t forget to carry with you lots of baby food, so that you can come up with it in times of emergency. Fruits, puffs, biscuits, yoghurts, cheese, cottage cheese, crispies and cereals are all must haves.
Also, be very particular about hygiene while making your child eat or drink out.

Sleep Issues

Temperature of your nursery at home and that of the hotel room may vary. Make arrangements to help your child cope and adjust with it by carrying blankets, quilts, extra clothing etc.
If your child is used to sleeping only in her crib then you can also ask the authorities to arrange for one, or carry a portable one with you.
If your child is one of those kids who are used to sleeping with a night lamp on, the don’t forget to carry his favourite Disney night lamp with you.

Destination chosen

Until your toddler doesn’t grow up into a quite independant kid, avoid (as much as you can) going to places that are not kid-friendly. This will save you half the hassle of getting stressed out while travelling with your baby.


Never assume that a particular medicine is an easily available one and that you shall run to the nearest medical store and grab it if required. Simply carry it with you as you never know when an emergency may strike.


Carry as many sets of clothing for your baby as you can. Lots of clothes of babies can never make your luggage weigh more than required. After all, baby clothing is just so tiny miny and hardly occupies any space or adds to the weight. Also, this will also save you the task of washing clothes and will also let you be prepared in case you extend your stay or have to witness a rainy day or a baby with an upset stomach.travelling with a toddler must haves


If your baby needs five diapers a day, carry seven with you. Always carry extra because you never know when you might need an extra one and all shops near and far will either be closed or would have run out of diaper stocks.

Travel Gear

Ensure that your baby’s pram, stroller or car seat are in good and working condition. Clean them up thoroughly before travel and get them fully prepared.

So, that’s all with my part of the lesson for travelling with your toddler. The most important lesson, though, that stands above all is to ‘plan your travel’. No matter how long or short your travel is going to be, it shall always pay you well to well plan your travel and make good arrangements before leaving home.

With all this and just a little bit of patience, you can have a successful and safe travel with your toddler, exactly as the one that you imagine!

Bon Voyage!

Bon Voyage

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