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How To Punch Faster In Boxing Using Boxing Gloves

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How To Punch Faster In Boxing Using Boxing Gloves


To be a pro boxing fighter, at least you need to learn some of the critical tactics and skills recommended. Among the preeminent ones is the fast punching.

Not all times in your fights will you only need to put through those slow, soft punches at your opponents but faster ones as well.

Why is fast punching such vital in boxing?

It allows you to land pre-emptive strikes: Speed punching increases your chances of landing most of your punches on your opponent without them anticipating and blocking. It also so much increases the accuracy of your punch each time you through them.

It adds into your unpredictability level

Anticipated punches tend to lose effectiveness and also pop. Defensive fighters learn their opponent’s tactics on how they position their legs, how they throw punches and foot placement, and what their body language says then time you on those bases.

However, this cannot happen if you have uneasy anticipations. Fast punching will not only help you increase the accuracy of your punches but instead will ensure you are unpredictable. Whenever your opponent cannot quickly learn of your tricks, it will be difficult for them to anticipate your punches.

Speed equals power

Whenever you join speed with great fighting techniques, the power automatically generates. You need not have a massive body with big muscles to create it. Remember, the more the kinetic energy, the stronger the impact. When that energy in your fist meets good speed, then it can cause substantial damage. Those who have embraced this technique before have stood out as some of the world’s best fighters.

Escape harm

It is not only your hands that should be fast, even your footwork as well. Remember before you through any good punch your foot must be rightly positioned to offer you excellent support. Hence, in your fight, you need to be quick with both. That will enable you to evade specific punches and defend yourself accordingly.

Now that you are aware of the critical things associated with quick punching, let’s now see how to go about it. This article offers a complete guide on how exactly you can through fast punches with your best boxing gloves on.  Let’s find out more.

Essential methods on how to train for throwing fast punches

Tuning your mind to fast punching

Those bases are one of the critical parts of human beings. Before you even decide that you want to do something, it is the mind with underlies it first, interprets it according to it its knowledge and experience then gives you preceding directions. Same way here, your opponent’s will play such a significant role in enabling you to adopt or acquire fast punching skills.

How to tune your mind in this is simple. You only need to train in properly. The training mainly will entail training your eyes to spot targets fast enough and send a signal to your hands to punch more quickly. To actualize this, you will need both the double-end bag and the speed bag. Either of the two will train your eyes to spot targets at motion and act to them fast enough.

While training with any of these items, ensure you focus all your attention on to them. Do not look aside but directly at them. It will draw all your, and your mind will have trained for this quite adequately. Putting your mind at something else while training or in an actual fight will only inconvenience you. The next thing you will begin doing is applying unnecessarily extra energy in your battle, which will only get you exhausted quickly.

Adopt a proper fast-punching attitude

It appears to most boxing trainees that when an instructor asks them to punch faster, they get violent, holding their first tight and using a lot of energy to hit. But this is wrong. Often even while training, you will notice the bitterness that joins in when a trainee is making these fast punches. Some also go ahead and through kicks at their punching bags or end up injuring themselves instead when they do not create a proper landing on the bag.

One thing to remember is that there is always a difference between speed and power. You can be landing relatively softer punches but at very high rates. When you use all your energy in the name of speeding up your punches then still you will not be throwing fast punches as intended.

The wrong attitude you should have for boxing fight is an intention to hurt or injure your opponent. You only need to surprise them with your punches and not to break their bones, ribs and all that. You can keenly practice on this with your punching bag.

Relaxing your Fast Punch

Most people confuse the difference between laziness and relaxation. In sports, lazy movements would mean that you are not controlling any movements in you because in most cases, you do not see any purpose for it or them. However, when you express relaxed moves, it would mean that you are in full control of what you are doing and that you are letting the natural flow in you take charge without bearing any tension.

In boxing particularly, you always need to relax your muscles. If you tough them up due to anxiety and tension, then throwing fast punches will be quite tricky. Forever remain calm and focus on landing quick punches those that would reach your opponent’s body with no anticipation. Relaxed muscles tend to bear great potential and can often move at a higher speed than you didn’t imagine before.  If you observe keenly even in the athletics, it is those who relax and take it all easy that win their races.

Adore your Fast Punches

As much as it might be a breath-taking competition, remember boxing is a game. Yes, the opponent is your ‘enemy’ but you should not through punches to harm them. Relax your body, breath usually, and avoid tension at all cost.  Release your quick punches logically and allow your body to go by it naturally and freely.

Holding your body still and your fists tight build in you unnecessary tension. It will feel like you are in a death fight, and you will be using your energy instead of your techniques and skills. Through your punches with love and let them only make a landing and not cause of any harm.

Avoid reloading your punches for far too long. That backward directional motion only slows the speed of your punches. It also indicates that you are interested in throwing a vicious punch rather than making it land. You do not earn points in boxing by power but landings. Try as much to focus your mind on this.

Quick Breathing

Breathing technique also matters a lot when it comes to throwing fast punches. Did you know that speedier breathing gives you the energy to act a little faster? In the case of boxing, we would say they are directly proportional. The number of times you breathe measures exactly the punches you through at that very same time.  You can experiment this out.

Try throwing fast punches while taking prolonged breathing. You will not throw more punches as you may expect. Now try it with more rapid breathing. It will work.  Well, this is a super technique if you intend to manage at least to throw those fast punches. Top boxing fighter even throw half punches while maintaining fast breathe, and it awesomely works for them so why not you?

All you need is training. Altering your breathing through such controlling might be difficult, mainly if you are not used to. However, you should stick to proper and constant practice. You can use your punching bags or speed bags for this.

Fast Combinations

Fast combinations work well in blinding your opponent. It kind of causes confusion to them and instead focuses on guarding other delicate areas and leaving open other punch landing body sections. But still, you should remember to maintain the natural flow in this.  When you let your body move according to your pace and focusing on fast landings, you will be able to make these punches. Do not let your opponent discover your step-by-step moves. As said earlier, surprise them with your punches. When you properly train on this, you will finally acquire the skill. Hence it will always come out of you naturally.

Final Remarks

Fast punching when it comes to boxing fight is one of the necessary skill or tactics one should preferably have. Having gone through the reasons for its essentiality, you now realize how important it is in any boxing fight you would engage in. However, knowing or understanding these reasons is not enough. You still need also to find out how you can go about making those fast punches.

Key things to remember is that keeping your mind in the right attitude will surely help you in doing this correctly.  Avoid violence and force; they will only drain your energy away soon into the fight. Watch your breathing rate and stay relaxed.

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