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Rehydrate Instantly With IV Hydration Therapy


Rehydrate Instantly With IV Hydration Therapy



You have a party coming up and your skin looks distraught and dull. What would you normally do? Run to a spa or salon to rejuvenate your skin and regain its suppleness. Facials, spa, massage – they are all quick fixes. One such instant fix to side-effects of extreme workout is the emerging trend in wellness industry – IV Hydration Therapy.

You have a hangover, a jet lag, feel tired all the time, can not drink sufficient amount of fluids and nutrients, or are dehydrated due to any reason, all you need is head to a wellness center, get an Intra-Venous Hydration and leave feeling fantastic just after 20 minutes. (Read more tips on How to Cure Hangover)

What is IV Hydration Therapy?

IV Re-hydration is a treatment where fluids are injected directly into the veins. Depending on the situation or condition of person, the fluid solutions may be different. But, usually it is water with a little bit of salt or sugar added. Hence, it also comes by name of Saline Therapy. Occasionally, nutrients like vitamins and anti-oxidants may be added for additional benefits.

The procedure is very much similar to the IV doctors have in hospital. The only difference is here, the therapy is not provided in a hospital, but a spa or wellness center.

What is the purpose of IV Hydration Therapy?

It is true that it was originally used for medical purposes, much like ORS (Oral Re-hydration Solution). But, recently it has found a great use and following from people looking for instant relief from dehydration. (Read more about ORS here on wiki)

Well, we all know what happens if we are dehydrated. Just 2% decrease in normal fluid level is enough to give you unexplained headaches, fatigue, skin damage and dampened motor skills. But, do we really take this into account while drinking water or sports drink? Not really. We drink because we feel thirsty or simply because we know its good to keep oneself thoroughly hydrated. (Learn symptoms of Dehydration here)

Now, the eye opener here is, that in spite of drinking the recommended amounts of fluids, our body still gets dehydrated. Reason is simple and pure scientific. Only 55% of what we drink gets absorbed in our body, and rest is excreted out in sweat, urine, or breath expelled out. So, even if you are taking vitamin pills and supplements, you know 45% of it is getting wasted.

But, when the minerals are injected through IV, they directly reach the blood stream and are absorbed 100%. Its a powerful potion equivalent to drinking gallons of water. Much like an energy booster shot whose effect lasts not just for hours, but days. So, those who go through extreme physical activity everyday, suffer from poor nutrition or even sunburns, find relief from one IV session.

What are the popular IV treatments?

Most people go for a vitamin C mega-dose in their hydration session. This is because, Vit C is a powerful anti-oxidant, which take care of all the free-radicals (oxidants) present in one’s body, thereby lessening fatigue, catering to skin problems and delaying effects of ageing.

Sports persons, athletes or those who engage in extreme workouts on a daily basis, use one loaded with sodium salts and minerals to replenish the body’s fluid-electrolyte loss and recover immediately post-workout.

It is sometimes also advised to pregnant women and those with chronic diarrhea, but then, that becomes more of “medical” intelligence. (Know what is an Intravenous treatment on wiki)

Is it approved medically?

Now, this a burning question. As already mentioned, IV Hydration Therapy has evolved from the intra-venous treatment a physician does in a hospital, so its efficiency in re-hydrating a person is well established. But, the doctors are split on IV hydration being used for other purposes. However, since all precautions are carried out as per medical standards and the results are visible on the person’s performance, its very much safe.

What to expect during an infusion hydration session?

Depending on person’s age, medical condition and requirement, the type of fluid solution is determined by a medical professional. After disinfecting the area (arm usually), a new sterilized IV catheter needle is inserted and secured in place with tapes. Insertion feels like a mild sting, but the pain quickly subsides. The amount of fluid entering the vein is regulated by a pump attached to the tube. The procedure generally, take only 20 minutes.

What are the risks associated with IV Hydration Therapy?

  • Since, the procedure is done with a trained medical professional, the risks are close to none. However, risk of infection at the site of needle insertion is always there. The good news, these infections can be treated very easily.
  • Another possible risk is getting a wrong mix of electrolytes. So, you need to tell your requirements and condition, clearly to the caregiver.
  • Sometimes, due to movement, the needle may get dislodged from the vein and the fluid gets accumulated in the surrounding tissue. This is called Infiltration. One must notify the caregiver immediately if they feel a stinging sensation and a bruise near the needle insertion. The physician then will re-insert the catheter and it’ll all be okay. So, keeping still during the procedure is very important.
  • And also, do not ever over-hydrate your body. That can cause problems like heightened blood pressure, excess fluid retention around tissues and kidney stones too.

That is all. Keep these in mind, and you are good to go for an instant energy boost anytime from this miracle elixir called IV Hydration Solution.

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