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Isolation Gowns for COVID-19 Protection – Everything You Need To Know


Isolation Gowns for COVID-19 Protection – Everything You Need To Know


The isolation gown is one of the protective tools that compose the personal protective equipment (PPE). Health workers use it primarily for protection against infectious substances from splashing fluids. They commonly wear it during surgery, where blood or fluid splashing typically occurs.

However, with the increased threat of COVID-19 around the world, the isolation gown can also be beneficial for the public. It serves as extra protection for people who frequently visit a hospital for check-ups. Manufacturers are also aware of the increased demand for the gown from the public. That’s why there are already many companies selling isolation gowns.

So, how does an isolation gown be beneficial for the public? Today, we are going to talk about the gown and its importance in protecting yourself from the COVID-19 contamination. So, let’s discuss it in detail below!

The Role of Isolation Gowns for COVID-19 Protection

When it comes to COVID-19 protection, isolation gowns are useful when there is a medium or high risk of contamination. Manufacturers design the gowns as a liquid barrier protection in areas of the body where splashes commonly occur. These start from the chest area down to the calf. The material, whether plastic or cloth, has the ability to block liquid splashes.

The Level of Protection of Isolation Gowns


Isolation gowns have classifications in terms of the level of their protection. The classification is primarily based on a regular health worker’s environment.

  • Level 1 (minimal risk) – You use this type for basic care like standard isolation or medical unit.
  • Level 2 (low risk) – Level 2 is ideal for lab testing or blood draw.
  • Level 3 (moderate risk) – Health workers use this type in the emergency room where unexpected moderate-to-high fluid exposure occurs.
  • Level 4 (high risk) – This type protects you from non-airborne infectious diseases and long and intense surgical procedures.

How to Properly Wear an Isolation Gown

Wearing the isolation gown requires carefulness. You must be well-prepared first before even wearing the gown. Here are the steps on how to:

  1. Remove any jewelry you are wearing.
  2. Put on rubber boots to hide your feet.
  3. Wash your hands after touching the jewelry and the boots.
  4. Dry your hands with a clean towel.
  5. Wear the gown by inserting your arms in the sleeves.
  6. Make sure you position the seam of the sleeves on your wrists. The neck of the gown should also cover your neckline.
  7. Once you position everything, make sure the back of the gown overlaps.
  8. Start by tying the loop fasteners of the back neckline. Make sure it feels comfortable when tightening them.
  9. Move to the back waist and tie the loop fasteners.
  10. Try to walk and move with the gown and see how it feels. If everything feels comfortable, then you are all set.

How to properly Remove an Isolation Gown after Using It

Knowing the proper way of removing the isolation gown is equally important is learning how to wear it. Here is the proper way to remove it:

  1. Start untying the loop fasteners of the back neckline. Move down to the loop fasteners of your back waist.
  2. Slowly remove one sleeve from your one arm. Do the same with your other arm.
  3. Fold the gown from the inside and make sure not to touch the outside.
  4. Throw the gown in the proper waste bin. If it is reusable, prepare a basin with 3/4 water. Make sure the water has powdered soap and bleach mixed in there. Place the gown in the basin and soak it there.

Before removing your isolation gown, make sure you already have removed your face shield and mask or respirator. The last thing you want to do is touch your face. After removing the gown, remove your footwear and then your inner clothes.

Take a bath and wash your body clean. Gently rub your skin with soap to make sure you get any possible traces of the virus and bacteria. This is the basic routine you need to follow after visiting the hospital or exposure to a high-risk area.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Isolation Gown

isolation gowns - PPE - backside


Manufacturers of isolation gowns name them differently. Therefore, it is important to understand what you need to look for when buying an isolation gown. This is to make sure you get the correct one for the right purpose.

1. Material

Isolation gowns commonly have two types of materials. This depends on whether you want it to be disposable or reusable. For disposable ones, gowns made of polyethylene or polyester are ideal. Reusable ones are those made of cloth as they can be washed clean.

2. Risk Level of Your Environment

The environment you will be exposed to is extremely important. This helps you determine which type of isolation gown you will purchase. If you will have frequent visits to the hospital, it’s ideal to get the gown with level 4 protection.

3. Quality

The quality of the gown matters as well. Make sure you get the right fit for your size. It is also important to check how the manufacturer makes the gown. For example, you must check how they sew the gown and if there are any defects. If you will order online, ensure the company welcomes a return of shipment in case there are defects. It is also essential to check if their product has approval from the health authorities.

Where to Buy an Isolation Gown

If you don’t have PPE stores near you, you can check online. Some manufacturers have a wide audience reach when promoting their products online.

One company you can try is HisoMedical. They offer FDA-approved isolation gowns that ensure their products are safe for use. They also provide gowns in different sizes and colors. Their gowns are durable and flexible as well. For the best picks, check out this isolation gowns supplier now for comprehensive details about their products!


Wearing an isolation gown for extra protection from COVID-19 is ideal. This is especially important for non-health workers who have a high risk of exposure to the virus. Just make sure to remember the factors to consider when buying an isolation gown, so you get the right one. What are you waiting for? Grab your own isolation gown now and strengthen your protection for COVID-19.

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