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Training Tips to Improve Focus and Reaction Time


Training Tips to Improve Focus and Reaction Time


The two most important skills when boxing is focus and reaction time.

Focus will help you to connect with punches that you throw, and those reactions will make sure that your opponent’s punches miss more than they hit.

There are a number of workouts which you can do during training which will seriously help you when it comes to both focus and reaction speed, and we are going to give you some tips which you can implement in your training sessions.

1. Using Focus Pads

Focus pads are small mitts which your trainer will wear to help you to improve your focus and your reactions. Often the trainer will give you two or three combinations which you can practice, and they will call them out as you train.

When the trainer calls out the combo, they will hold the hits in the positions where you should be punching. Not knowing which combo is next will keep you on your toes and the small surface area of the mitts means that you will have to be precise and focused to make the right contact.

2. Double End Bag

Because of the movement of this bag, you will have the opportunity to practice both attack and defense in the same session. The bag comes back quicker the harder that you hit it, and so you will need to be sharp with your head movement. If the bag is smaller one than most, it also means you will have to be precise when you make contact with it. This is certainly one of the best bags to use, and one which will keep your hands and your eyes sharp.

3. Coin Catch

Coin catching is another great workout that will increase your speed and your focus. Standing with your hands at the ready, having your training partner drop a coin from chest height. It will now be your goal to catch the coin before it makes contact with the floor. You should be looking to catch the coin with one hand only. If this is too easy then have your partner drop two coins and try to get them both. This may not seem like it is doing much but you will be sharpening your reaction time with every coin drop.

4. Tennis Ball Drill

With this drill you should stand with your back to your training partner, who will throw a tennis ball and shout as they do so. You will spin around and try to chart the course of the tennis ball, catching it with one hand. The easier it gets the closer that your training partner should move towards you, giving you less and less time to react and catch the ball. This is a highly efficient way of increasing your skills and making sure that your reactions times get faster and faster.

These are just some training tips which you can employ in order to make your boxing better, faster and more precise in the ring.

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