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The Importance Of Healthy Food In Battling Mental Health Troubles

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The Importance Of Healthy Food In Battling Mental Health Troubles


Battling mental health is not easy, but there are measures that one can incorporate to make the journey of recovery a little more comfortable.

You have to deal with panic attacks, periods of depression, and medications. But

  • For every panic attack, there is a holistic exercise that can distract you.
  • For every depression, you will have a therapist to help you, and
  • For every medication, you have healthy food to keep your health intact.

This is why you should definitely take professional help and talk to a dietician whenever you are suffering from a serious mental health issue.

It might sound ridiculous, but there are healthy food habits that can affect your mental health. A healthy body will always encourage a healthy mind!

Many researchers have found a connection between your physical system and your mental functioning.

Thus, you will always find yourself physically productive when you are in a good headspace. Plus, eating certain foods can help release certain hormones, which can relieve stress.

Mental health troubles will not go away with simple therapy; you will have to take care of your body as well.


Why Giving Up Addiction Is The First Step

Talking about healthy food habits doesn’t start without discussing the impact of addiction on mental health.

Any kind of addiction becomes a form of escape for the patient, and it worsens their mental health.

Substances like alcohol and drugs, especially in frequency, are the last thing you would want to do when you are already dealing with conditions like PTSD or depression.

They give you the sudden high, but it is temporary, and as it comes down, you are helpless and feeling even more doomed.

If you are looking for addiction rehabilitation, read more about it here.

This is how your body craves it; it thinks these substances are medicine to the pain. When you fight the urge to stand back from these substances, this is when the withdrawal symptoms start, and they are painful.

One of the common symptoms of withdrawal is depression which can even give rise to suicidal thoughts. This is one of the reasons why someone is already suffering from drug addiction; they should totally stay away.

It is a deadly cycle where you are taking these substances to ease the pain, and in return, they are worsening your state of mind.

Get the right help today if you find yourself falling into the deep clutches of addiction. Start by talking to a therapist first.

The Importance Of Healthy Food In Battling Mental Health Troubles

There are certain food habits that can help you battle some of the stresses and episodes you will have with serious mental health problems.

1. A Nutritious Body Leads To A Healthy Mind

There has been much research to back up the fact that nutrients directly affect your body and your mind. In fact, anything with a low fat count is said to induce happy hormones.

Similarly, when it comes to food with high fat and sugar quantity, they can derail your mood and even induce your depression. This is why dietetics recommend a lot of whole food and low-fat organic food for patients suffering from a mental condition.

2. They Will Increase Your Productivity

This might sound too good to be true, but a healthy body is generally more productive. This also means you have to decrease the intake of caffeine and add more nuts and berries instead.

The more productive you are, the more motivation you will have. Good motivation is a natural mood booster.

3. It Will Keep You Energized

Healthy superfoods are a good source of energy. However, you will often find people who overthink a lot and find themselves drained of all the energy.

This can lead to panic attacks and the worse kind of anxiety in the same way as before. Again, having an energized body will help you deal with these emotions better, rather than hibernating in your bed, exhausted for hours.

4. Whole Foods Can Cure Depression

An experiment was conducted among two sets of patients suffering from clinical depression. One set was given junk and oily or food items that contained a high amount of sugar.

The other set was given the whole foods with all the nutrients. Food items with high sugar or oil were cut from their diets.

The experiment showed a significant improvement among the patients who were eating healthy for a month or so.

5. Good Food Lifts Mood

There is no doubt that good food lifts your mood!

However, can healthy food give you the same effect? Well, healthy food doesn’t always have to be tasteless. Instead, you can put your own touch and make it delicious.

Having tasty food activates your taste and will automatically charge your mind. The good part is, it is not once in a while. Once you start enjoying your daily food, this will be recurring.

6. It Will Encourage You Towards A Healthy Lifestyle

With good food affecting your body, your body will be fit than before. Plus, glowing skin will give you that confidence that can combat all your mental health problems.

Once you see that change in your body, you will automatically get attracted to another healthy lifestyle. Soon you will start encouraging yourself to do other activities like yoga and daily exercises.

Daily exercises are excellent to get those endorphins flowing. In addition, a good diet is the start of all the positivity in your life.

Food For Thought!

It might seem like a time-consuming idea or something too good to be true, but food has always been a big part of how we feel! If you are suffering from a mental health problem and are taking therapy, then talking to a dietician would be a good option.

While you are at it, get some exercises done!

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