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Idiot-Proof Steps For Setting And Meeting Your Goals


Idiot-Proof Steps For Setting And Meeting Your Goals


Idiot-Proof Steps For Setting And Meeting Your Goals

This is the era of competition and one cannot afford to ignore it. Life is full of challenges and excelling in the most mundane situation will make you a hero. Everyone wants success but yes, not everyone gets it. It is said that HOPE sustains life[1]. But the quote does not go appropriate in this ruthless competitive world where a tinge of luck, large portion of smart work with the right blend of attitude can help you run on the pavement laid down to achieve your goals.

Don’t you get worried, I’m here to help you in your tough time. Below are the 5 idiot-proof steps for setting and meeting your goals. But before that I want you to remember this quote whenever you feel you are getting out of track,

If there is a way, I’ll find one, if not then make one,

Braving fate, fear and nature, I’ll conquer future.

Have an Optimistic Attitude

It is said, “Two men looked out of the same bars, one sees the mud and other the stars.” Remember, nothing is impossible in this world[2]. So why make assumptions before even trying a task? Think of you being capable of doing any stuff you want to and start with the thinking process of deciding your goal.

Think of a Bigger Picture

A.P.J Abdul Kalam says, “Dream is not which you see when sleeping, it is a thing which doesn’t allow you to sleep.” So dream big and create a bigger picture[3] in your mind about what you desire to achieve in life.

Create Short Term and Manageable Goals

Divide this bigger picture into smaller ones and name them as your short term goals. Make sure these goals are manageable in the time given to complete them without forgetting your main objective (The Bigger Picture). As you start getting success in these tasks, it will give you lots and lots of satisfaction and confidence to reach the epitome of your goal.

Set the Priorities

It is very important to distinguish between the tasks[4] which are necessary and which are possible. Remember, start by doing what is necessary than what is possible, suddenly you can do impossible. Do the tasks according to the priority and this will take you a step closer to your aim. Try it!

Keep the Track of Your Progress

Once you start with the process of achieving your aim, keep a track of the things you are done with and the things which are still left to ensure your success. And reward yourself every time when you complete your short term goals[5] as it is a kind of positive feedback to yourself which will boost you morale from time to time. Finally, you’ll reach your goal.

Enough of dejection of not being able to design your plan and failing to reach your goal every time. Now it is time to pull up your socks and get going. Before starting up with these steps of setting and meeting your goals, I would like you get motivated a little. Sachin, the master blaster, the cricket of god is the perfect example of one man show who conquered his goals. Read these 10 Most Inspiring Moments of Sachin’s Career to get a role model for yourself.


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