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What WT Team Can Teach You About Ice Skating


What WT Team Can Teach You About Ice Skating



It was a bedridden Sunday for each one of us. Nitish, Mansi, me (Siddharth) and Anant were clashing with the cramps our muscles were jammed with. After bearing a furious strife with our own muscles and joints, screaming with pain, we spent the entire day paying visits to blogs claiming relief from cramps.

Not that we do not workout, just that for the past few days we had been prioritizing work over workout, or anything for that matter. And therefore this very reason endorsed our planning for an Ice-Skating-Team-Hangout-Day.

So, let me retrace the path back to the day-before-sunday. It was probably the best part of the year. December dusking out in the Christmas snow, and the world graduating another year. The Year 2013. And we at WorkoutTrends were filled up to the brim with work.

A Plan to burst our workload ensued at the ice skating rink. Ah! How reluctant were we to return those shoes. Willingness to do it more, seemed never ending. The one hour fifteen minutes’ turbo-charged session seemed to have ended with the blink of an eye. It was a super awesome activity that led us crashing on our beds. Tired. Watching People fall on the snowy floor, accelerated our exhilaration. We hadn’t gone far with this amusement, when we ourselves fell face front on the same snowy rink.

Yes! None of us knew skating.

The gradual pace we gathered while following the guide, reinforced the fun, frolic and elation. Mansi was the first one to grasp the skill. Post which she was not witnessed bothering us, until she could not find anyone around to pick her up.  Exactly! She met a side fall.

Whereas Nitish was mostly found fidgeting with the rink railing, as he barely moved at a meter’s distance from it. But even he couldn’t escape that hilarious fall. A girl, loosely balanced on the shimmering white ice clad floor, dragged him along on the floor, while seeking his muscular body’s support.

Anant was so excited to have mastered the sport (which he thought he had) , that he started bugging the guides to teach him how to skate backwards. And then there was an epic fall!

Well I do not claim my forte in skating, but I’d call myself lucky, for my falls went unnoticed by any of my team mates. But honestly, for those who witnessed me fall, it was hell of a rib tickling moment.

It was not late, when we finally raised our torso. Which our falls didn’t allow us to. By now we had got quite well versed with the sport to manage a decently bearable skating session. And the music, charging our emotions to skate our passions out. The feeling of having learnt something new and exciting was resonating through our gestures. Expressions of fear, soon got swapped with those of confidence. All four of us were getting engrossed in the warm fuzzy feeling of the winter sport.

By every passing tick-tock of the giant clock hung in there, we found ourselves getting friendly with the sport. Slightly jerking our feet in an alternate fashion, slanted backward, led us to win over our urge to skate smoothly. At least we all had experienced our share of optimum fun before our session was called off

It was hell of a joy filled day. The enthusiasm, the vigor, the furry involved, made it all the more memorable. And adding a cherry to the cake was our ever alive realization of the health benefits we had been fetching out of Ice Skating – The awesome winter sport.If not anything else, Go for Ice Skating right away, considering the following health benefits you’d be bestowed with, post that supremely awe aspiring session.Ice Skating is sure to:


Its the first week of the new year, and you’re still figuring out the ways to get your ‘lose weight’ resolution accomplished. Blindly opt for Ice Skating, and lose those hefty flab running down your waist line. None other weight loss technique could guarantee as much fun, as Ice skating would.


Aerobics is a great source of cardiovascular exercise. Ice skating rink, is literally a great platform to practice cardio workout through aerobics.


Now this one awesome benefit. Ice Skating helps tone your muscles. Which implies an increase in your metabolic rate. This means that you will lose more weight, even while asleep, than without the increased muscle mass. Ice Skating utilizes your hamstrings and quadriceps. Also for maintaining the balance, your abdominal muscles, and obliques will be worked out and will fetch the entire fruit.


Ice skating keeps you exerted. Ask us. So this way you enhance your endurance. The more you skate, the more you improve your endurance level, not just for ice skating, but also other sports.


We can very well empathize the long tedious working hours you go through. You’re one hardworking champ. But your hard earned money would be of no use if you’re not able to invest it to de-stress yourself. Ice Skating is so much fun. It will rejuvenate every inch of your body. You will feel reconstructed all over. A great stress buster. And undoubtedly the best sport to commence your week with.

Excited? Do not let any moment skip. Frame a send-to-all text, planning an ice skating hangout come workout session. Forward it your peer group. Read this article again after you’ve done the awesome sport. And Compare. You’ll thank us for sharing our experience. But as of now, spare your gratitude by sharing, tweeting and garnishing this article with your valuable comments.

And wait, our team has accessed ourselves to a weekly membership of this too good to be true ice skating sport 😀

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