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A College Student’s Guide to Graduating on Time

Happiness, Sleep, Stress

A College Student’s Guide to Graduating on Time


An average college student hopes to finish college, graduate and land a great job that will pay well. However, many don’t make it to the finish line.

According to a study done by the National Center for Education Statistics, they found out that around 40 percent of the students who join college graduate while 59% graduate in 6 years instead of 4.

So the problem is 2-fold. While they are students don’t graduate at all, they are also many students who do not graduate on time.

There are exams, papers and the need to maintain an active social life. Many college students can’t really keep up with the pressure and lose track completely due to poor health and lifestyle choices.

College students end up in a vicious circle of skipping meals, eating on the go, unhealthy diet and ongoing stress and pressure to perform better in the classroom and on the athletic field.

Here are a few tips to help students make the most of the resources and to ensure they stay healthy and illness free throughout their education, and graduate on time:

  1. Making better graduation choices
  2. Making lifestyle choices convenient
  3. Building an awesome social circle


Making better graduation choices


  • Take time to ponder on the course that fits you well. Consider what your strengths are, does that match up with your vision and ambitions that you would like to pursue. Most college students change the course they are taking in the midst of their four-year duration, and that completely unsettles their life. Sometimes, it is also wise to stick to the decision you’ve already made.
  • Select the college that suits you. Research about the campus, visit them before making up your mind about the college. Your external environment does contribute a lot to your inner physical and mental well-being.
  • Attending all classes and sessions. Listen to what your professors and lecturers say in class. Most of them set their tests from what they teach in class, rather than what you have to read on your own unless they specify. Take notes. Make sure you understand things in class and use the time outside class to revise and revisit the concepts only.

Making lifestyle choices convenient




  • Make a full night’s rest a priority (at least on the weekdays). 7 to 9 hours of rest is usually sufficient.
  • Stick to a schedule. Keep sleep times similar from day to day can greatly improve your body rhythm.
  • Lack of sleep reduces the ability to concentrate and to excel at class, so don’t put yourself into sleep debt.

Sexual Health

  • Get tested for STDs every year. These tests are offered at low costs in most schools so even students will small incomes can afford too.
  • Always use protection while having sex to prevent the risk of contracting any disease.
  • Discuss your sex issues with your partner. If you are nervous or uncomfortable with any element of your sexual relationship, make sure to bring these things up with your partner or health care provider to keep things fine both physically and emotionally.

Building an awesome social circle

  • College is the best place to build long-term friendships and relationships. Hence, choose your circle wisely. It is the nature of your relationship with this circle that will continue to help you for a lifetime. 
  • Help out other people in your circle.
  • Think of your professors as your friends too and contact them when you require help concerning various projects that you are undertaking. Most professors are kind enough to help out their students.

We hope you enjoyed these tips. If you have any questions/tips related to your student life, feel free to share that them in the comments section below.

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