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How to lose 5kg in 2 weeks ?

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How to lose 5kg in 2 weeks ?


Trying to lose weight causes a lot of mental stress and could lead to depression. Even though there are so many ways to lose weight without surgery, only a few works. Most recommend eating healthy without clearly stating what it entails. Furthermore, losing 5kg in two weeks is not as difficult as you think if you do it correctly. To learn how to lose 5kg, read this article.

Weight Loss Tips

To appreciate the weight loss tips here, you need to have an open mind. Losing weight without surgery often seems impossible, but consistency provides amazing results. Check out these tips below:

Reduce stressful activities

Stress can affect your ability to lose weight. According to several studies, stress increases the amount of cortisol in the body. You will become hungry more often and possibly eat more than you should.
Remember, when you are stressed out, you become tired and can barely engage in any exercise routine. To relieve stress, you can engage in meditation and other mental exercises. Unfortunately, stress is one of the major reasons people gain weight, but it’s underrated. Most often, the focus is on eating less, exercising, etc.

Sleeping well at night

Night sleep is not the same as sleeping in the afternoon or morning. One of the secrets to staying healthy is to sleep well at night. In addition, enough night’s sleep is also good if you want to embark on a weight journey. Lack of night sleep increases your appetite for food. Studies have shown that when you don’t sleep well at night, there is a high chance that your body will secrete many hunger hormones. When you start eating too much, you are bound to increase your weight.

Eat well

Eating well solves more than 50 percent of your weight loss problems. Also, eating a lot of fiber supplements or green veggies removes toxins from your body. Don’t forget that some toxins are responsible for causing weight gain.
To achieve your weight loss goals, avoid surgery food like soda, sweets, pasta, etc. The body processes sugar faster than most food that humans eat. Simply avoiding sugary food can help you lose up to 2kg in one week. Eating healthy meals is an underrated way to lose weight. Therefore, eat healthy and losing weight will be easier.

Drink enough water

Unfortunately, a lot of people prefer to quench their taste by drinking soda, alcohol, and other beverages. These beverages contain sugar and other components that would not help your weight loss journey. Aside from the health benefits of drinking water, it makes you feel fuller.
Therefore, when you drink more water, you will eat less. Also, drinking a lot of water makes you hydrated and will assist in burning calories. To lose 5kg in two weeks, you need to drink at least 12 glasses of water every day. Apart from losing weight, you will also feel healthier.

Don’t eat junk

Junk food is not healthy and increases your chances of gaining weight. Most junk food is high in calories and also unhealthy. Avoid food such as pizza, soda, fried fries, etc. Stay away from fried chicken or fish. Any food that is oily would do more damage. No matter the kind of exercise routine you embark on, eating junk will take away all the weight loss successes.

Document your journey

To appreciate your weight loss successes, you need to document them. Take a record of your weight on the first day. Each day check your weight and compare it with the previous days.
You can also do a video recording and document it. A lot of people turn their weight loss journey into a documentary or a vlog. Since you know people are watching, you would not want to stop until you achieve your weight loss goals.


A weight loss journey is not an easy task; it takes perseverance, consistency, and patience to achieve it. These tips here are non-surgical weight loss methods that have proven to be successful if you adhere to the rules. Another non-surgical way to lose weight is through a gastric balloon procedure. A gastric balloon makes you feel fuller and reduces your appetite for food.