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How To Learn To Do A Handstand – Train Your Handstand Hold


How To Learn To Do A Handstand – Train Your Handstand Hold


If you are determined to finally master that handstand that you have been dreaming of for a long time, then you are in for some rather hard work.

This is a skill that is learned and not the one that you are born with, so you will certainly need to do some work in order to master it. Without your strong will and effort, you won’t be able to achieve the goal you have set.

If your goal is to finally do a straight, upright, and perfect-looking handstand, or to hold it longer than a few seconds then you’ll need both practice and the right exercises to do as a beginner.

So without further ado, lets see some tips for doing a perfect handstand.

woman doing handstand

4 Tips for Doing a Perfect Handstand

1. Start With Strength Training

You need the strength necessary to hold your whole body on your hands. You cannot exactly start doing this without having done a single day of strength training in your life. You can try exercises like wall push-ups, chair dips, squats, bridge, etc to help build your strength.

2. Work on Your Flexibility

According to, you need to develop flexibility in your body. Flexibility will help avoid injuries that you might have to go through if you practice handstand with a stiff body.

Having strong muscles is definitely necessary, but if those muscles aren’t flexible, then you will be all stiff and unable to move around the parts that need to be moved when you want to stand upside down.

This is where yoga can help you to improve the elasticity of your muscles through stretching and flexibility.

3. Practice Endurance

Building endurance will help you hold your handstand for longer.

4. Master Alignment

Some balancing exercises can help you practice alignment to achieve balance, stability and right form to your perfectly straight handstand.

Steps for doing a Handstand

  1. Start with Warm up

    Always start with a warm up. For the handstand, its important to warm up your arms and core.

  2. Quick Stretch

    The warm-up is to be followed by a series of quick stretches, holding each position for about 6 seconds.

    • Right Lunge
    • Right hamstring stretch
    • Left Lunge
    • Left hamstring stretch
    • Pike
    • Right Shoulder stretch
    • Left Shoulder stretch
    • Seal stretch
    • Downward dog
    • Bridge
    • Roll Wrists Towards and Backwards (3 times)
  3. Get into the Prep for Handstand

    Before you handstand, prep yourself into a nice lunge and get to your comfortable T position.

    • Prep Lunge
    • T Position
  4. Kick lightly up in the air with you in upside down position

    Post the prep, now kick lightly up in the air to get a sense of your jump and strength you need.

    • If you can’t kick up lightly as a beginner, you can also go close a wall and try walking your feet up a wall.
  5. Kick your feet all the way up with you in upside down position

    • Do it against the bed first time so you don’t fall directly to the ground, then when you get confident, do it against a wall
  6. Fall over in Bridge form

    • Don’t be scared to fall.
    • Just fall over in the bridge form and try to keep it slow.
  7. Keep proper form

    handstand proper form

  • Keep your hands close to your ear, not far apart
  • Make you have an engaged core, suck stomach in a little.
  • Don’t let your spine curve and your core fall loose.
  • Push your shoulders up when you’re upside down. If you can’t, make sure to work on your upper body more.
  • Squeeze your thighs together.

I hope you got an idea. But its important to note that handstand is NOT for everyone. You need months of practice. You should strictly try this in the presence of a certified trainer to avoid any risk of injuries.

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