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How To Improve Athletic Sports Performance???


How To Improve Athletic Sports Performance???


improve athletic peak performance

Q.  How To Improve athletic Sports Performance?

A. In sports, other than practicing your sweat out, athletic energy and focus are the two imperative things. These two aspects are clearly dependent on the blood sugar balance of your body. Imbalance in blood sugar level leads to severe fatigue, poor concentration, weaker retaining power, fluctuating moods and an intense yearning of carbohydrates by the body. And not to forget, hinders you to reach peak performance/ improve sports performance. All this results in nothing but nutrient deficiencies in body, low intake for whole grain foods, and extreme usage of stimulants like cola, tea and coffee [1].

A tip to maintain your energy and focus levels high would be to gulp in a diet involving fruits, vegetables, whole grains and high level proteins like lean free- range chicken and tofu. Make sure your breakfast, lunch and dinner are as good as your love for sports. Add to your daily diet a two-snacks-per-day-meal. This would include, some seeds or may be nuts, a piece of fruit, or just a rice cake with some hummus. To improve sports performance focus on including carbohydrates in your diet [2]with a 2:1 ratio of proteins. To maintain that perfect blood sugar level, avoid the literal sugar intake and drink as much water as you can [3]. With all this you can blithely improve sports performance.

Never drink sugary drinks on the day of your sports event [4]. Avoid performance enhancing drugs. Eat a very healthy breakfast that day. Rinsing mouth with water [5] and munch a nut or two before and during the event in order to improve athletic sports peak performance that day.


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