How To Do Back Extensions / Hyperextensions ??

Eager to know how to do Back Extensions / Hyperextension exercise? Read on further for detailed workout instructions, notes, video and pro tips for learning proper form and train better for it.

What are Back Extensions/ Hypertension Exercises?

Okay! So, Back extension/Hyperextension is a strength training exercise. It is performed for strengthening lower back muscles.

Which muscles do Back Extensions/ Hypertension Exercises target?

Primary muscles: Middle and lower back or lats are the primary muscle groups worked upon by Back extension/Hyperextension exercise.

Secondary musclesGlutes & Hamstrings form the secondary muscles targeted by Back extension/ Hyperextension exercise.

Which equipment(s) do the Back Extensions/ Hypertension exercises require?

When you perform this exercise using an equipment called Roman chair , then this exercise is called Back extension/hyperextension exercise.
When you perform this exercise without the Roman chair,this exercise is called Bird Dog exercise. This exercise involves lifting one arm and at the same time lifting the opposing leg, and then releasing.

How to do the Back Extensions/ Hypertension?

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Following the below mentioned 8 steps, you can succeed in performing Back extension/ Hyperextension exercise:

1. Rest with your face down on a hyper extension bench letting your upper thighs and lower hips support on the support pad. Make sure you’re in a position, with your waist acting as the fulcrum between your upper and lower bodies. Waist must bend freely on the bench.

2. Now, lock your ankles under the lock pad.

a) Starting position: Make your body absolutely straight from head to toe and start the exercise. You may fold your arms across your chest, place them behind- over the back, or you may place them by the side of your head.

b) Final position: Now very slowly but steadily bend your body in the forward direction. Relax your abdominal and back muscles.

3. Continue the stretching of your back downwards, to as much extent as possible. Do not move your shoulders from the support pad while in this position. feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings. Stay in the same position till you count one.

4. Now, you got to return to the position you started from by contraction of your abdominal and back muscles until you reach the initial straight position. Remember not to arch your back after completing the movement. Pause for a moment and repeat.

Back Extensions/ Hypertension tips

You may note that as you improve your strength and flexibility by performing Back extension/Hyperextension exercise, you can start placing a weight plate against your chest to enhance resistance.

Are Back Extensions/ Hypertension for men as well as women?

The Back extension/Hyperextension exercise can be performed by both males and females.

What is the difficulty level for Back Extensions/ Hypertension?

The difficulty level for performing Back extension/Hyperextension exercise fluctuates between being hard at the initial stages to turning moderate after gaining strength and being comfortable.

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