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How Can I Sleep Without Taking Sleeping Pills?


How Can I Sleep Without Taking Sleeping Pills?


how to sleep well without sleeping pills?

Q  How can I sleep without taking sleeping pills?

A. Your brain and nervous system may be too hyped up. It is recommended to avoid any stimulant drinks like tea or coffee for at least four hours before bedtime [1]. The minerals calcium and magnesium have both been shown to calm down the nervous system [2]. They help in restful sleeping. You can buy powders of calcium and magnesium that dissolve in water. Try this before bed. They would surely help you sleep without taking sleeping pills. The herb Valerian also helps to induce sleep [3]. You need about 500 to 1,000 mg taken one hour before going to sleep. A quickie night walk before going to bed is a decently good idea for sleeping like a baby.


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